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  1. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    I take it you mean to basically make a plate bolted on the top and bottom of the spindle like i have but with the double D shape cut into them correct? If so, I would assume it would work especially having steel on steel instead of cast iron. Although you would lose surface area, so you may risk rounding out again and potentially damaging the spindle shaft. If this rig ends up breaking and I still haven't come up with another solution yet, I'll have to look into something like this Thanks Also, what are you using to check what's for sale in my area?
  2. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    Hey guys, Just thought I would give a little update on the damaged pulley situation. I mentioned that I was going to work on a temporary fix to try and save the rounded out pulley. I have completed that fix, and have successfully completed a full mow with the modifications. In case anyone is interested, here is what I did. First I took the damaged pulley and drilled 3 holes all the way through centering the hole in the groove on the pulley. This allows for the heads of some bolts I will add to press flatly against the pulley surface. I then used the existing spindle bolt, and drilled a hole through 2 3/16" steel plates that I made. The corners of the steel plates touch the edges of the pulley outside diameter. I took the 2 plates shown below, and welded them together for a little extra rigidity. I then welded the spindle bolt to the steel plates, and drilled some holes to match the holes that I drilled into the pulley. This allowed me to put 3 bolts and nuts through the pulley and secure it to the steel plate and screw combo I made. I made sure the spindle bolt was as centered as possible to the center hole in the pulley. Finished assembly shown below. I finally had to cut the excess bolt off of the new fixture and install back onto the mower deck. Here is the final assembly shown below. I don't know how long this will last, or if it is the best solution for this type of problem, but it has worked for me so far, and was a worthwhile attempt at saving the pulley since I could not find a new one. Thanks for all of the previous help as well!
  3. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    ACMan, here are the pictures I have on hand, can get some better ones after work if you are interested in seeing them. Here is an overview of the deck. It is not the unit that came with the mower, and by looking through manuals I am guessing it is a late 60's to early 70's model. If you recognize it, please let me know Here is a side view of the center pulley in question. It is a double pulley with 2 sizes, I believe it's a Toro 106847. Not a lot of luck finding any for sale in my brief searching. Here is the worn section of the pulley, and what I believe used to be a double "D" shape to fit on the mower shaft pictured above. If you have some replacement parts that would be great! But I may also be interested in a whole deck you happen to have options. Thanks.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I think I have come to verdict that these guys are correct in saying that the double "D" pulley has rounded out on my rig. The part number for the pulley that replaces it is a Toro 106847, but I have not had a lot of luck finding any online. Seems like they are quite rare these days. It appears there is a round hole version of this pulley as well, but I am not entirely sure on how it is attached. Maybe press fit on the shaft, set screws, or just clamped? Maybe once you pull it apart, it will be obvious what the issue is.
  5. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    Thanks Ed. I currently use it for both mowing and snow blowing but never had any issues with the mower bogging down. I have an idea I am going to try for a down and dirty fix to hopefully get a mow or 2 in to give me some time to think/purchase parts. The idler system is in good working order, but the bearings on the spindles are shot. Getting ready to install some new ones this weekend. The other end of the spindle uses roller bearings(not replacing, at least now), which kind of concerns me because the spindle shafts are non-greaseable. Hopefully I can get back up and running soon, been a lot of rain lately and will probably need to do some cutting soon.
  6. 312-8 vs 516-H purchase?

    Hello fellow Wheel Horse fans, I have owned a 312-8 for a few years now, and it has been very good to me. The unit was obviously purchased used, and at the time of purchase I didn't notice that the 42" deck that came with it was much older than the mower. The deck I have has always been pretty junkie, but now started to have some actual issues. The center double "D" pulley has rounded out, and a spindle has broken. I have been looking into getting repair parts, or just buying a different deck all together since i can't find very reasonably priced ones. So here is where the question comes in. I have found a reasonably priced unit in the area for sale that is a 516-H model. So a little larger engine, year or 2 newer, a 48" working deck, and hydrostatic would be a nice upgrade for me, but it sounds like this model was considered undesirable. Is this just because of the technology that was starting to exist at the time of it's release, or was it considered to not be that great of a machine? My 312 has about 1800 hours, and the mower itself runs great. The 516 apparently does not have working gauges at the moment, and burns some oil. Any opinions on what you guys would do in this situation? Any opinions between the 12HP Koehler and the 16HP Onan engines? Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the manual Garry, you happened to post the one for a 77, is this what year you determined it to be from looking at the pictures? Or did you mean to send an 87 one? Are the pulleys the same?
  8. Thanks for the quick responses. The other 2 pulleys are both double D onto the spindle shaft. This double pulley is not a double D shape, and this is why I wan wondering if I was missing an insert or adapter to mount to this pulley. The thickness of the part that slides over the shaft(shown in the picture below) is nearly an inch thick, I can't imagine it would spin and round the D shaft like that. I guess there is potential that it had the wrong pulley assembly installed on it when I purchased the unit. There is a lot of slop between the shaft and pulley ID as shown in this picture. It was just being clamped down with a bolt and washer. This picture shows the thickness of the pulley ID. I had been mowing with this for about 2 years, and if that is incorrect, I'm surprised it lasted that long. Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone, I recently had some issues with the middle blade cutting grass while I was mowing. I decided to take the mower deck off. I believe I have found the problem, and that would be a missing bushing or spacer, but I can't seem to find it on any of the assembly documents I have. Could anyone help me verify if my assumptions are correct, or assist me if you see something else that is wrong? Here are some pictures to hopefully better show what I am referring to. The mower model I own is a 86 Wheel Horse 312-8 manual mower. The first image is the mower deck itself, presumably a 0542ms04 ( this is the 42" deck). No identifiers on the actual deck. The second image shows the pulley being referenced and the mount in which is suppose to attach to. The third image is hard to see, but the actual spindle shaft sticks up higher that the pulley so tightening down the top bolt does not actually secure the pulley in place. This causes the pulley to spin with the belt, but the pulley is loose with respect to the spindle shaft. The fourth image is the assembly drawing I have been referencing to troubleshoot the issue. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. And this is my first post in the forums so if this has been answered before, or this post should be moved, please let me know. Thanks!