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  1. Suburban 551 transmission help

    Thanks, I will include the year and model.
  2. Suburban 551 transmission help

    Thank you AMC Rules!
  3. Suburban 551 transmission help

    I don't find any reproduction belt guards to cover motor to transmission. Anyone know of a source?
  4. Suburban 551 transmission help

    It's exciting to me, fun to work and play on. The 551 doesn't seem to have been produced in great numbers like some of the earlier models.
  5. Suburban 551 transmission help

    Found it on letgo. Nice lady in Phulgerville posted it as old lawn mower used for yard decoration $80.00. I looked over it several times then zoomed in and identified it as a WH. She said they had moved from Michigan and brought it.
  6. Suburban 551 transmission help

    Thanks for the information, will take a look at the members map. What a great source of information for a tractor addict such as I.
  7. Suburban 551 transmission help

    I'm back up and running, turns out the shifter was not down in the proper position. No lock nut and the set screw/pen had backed out so it was not in correct position to manipulate the shift forks. She is a little rough looking now but slowly making progress. Doesn't seem to be many early WH in Texas. Seen two at tractor shows over the years.
  8. Suburban 551 transmission help

    That's awesome! Thanks so much. When the heat index drops to under 100 degrees outside I going to tinker with the transmission and check the shift fork(s) position. After your comments I remember I was rolling and tried to shift from 2 to 3rd when it locked up.
  9. Suburban 551 transmission help

    Thanks, that's good information, will give it a try. Would like to overhaul the transmission in the future as it seems most if not all parts are available.
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and WH tractors. Picked up a 1961 suburban 551, no motor. Installed a 5.5 Honda and ran good for a day. Had drained tranny water with fluid. Now it's stuck in 3rd and locked down. Shifter moves but will not free up. Any help?