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  1. Has anyone had any experience with the Johnny bucket Jr ? I have a Wheelhorse 257H and contacted the manufacturer . He replied Sorry, nothing for that one.I was thinking of ordering it and trying to fit it to my wheelhorse. Any ideas. I need a bucket. here is the site. www.johnnyproducts.com
  2. 257-H Kawasaki engine hydro transmission. When I push the speed control handle to full forward it drifts back to between 1/2 to 3/4 speed I wind up driving with my foot up against it .I am not sure why. Any Ideas ?How can I tighten this up ?
  3. At idle or low RPMs it will charge but if i turn on the PTO or headlights it discharges. Also if I raise RPMs without turning anything on it does not charge. The battery is new. I just received this tractor it has been sitting in the woods for a few years. It starts right up and it has a Kawasaki FC540V engine. Tractor is a 257-H Since my original post . The charging system came to life on its own .It is now charging above 17 amps .I replaced the key switch ,removed cleaned the rectifier plug and base . cleaned the ground terminals . I am still trying to find out how many years this tractor sat out in the woods. When I have time I will test the rectifier with the chart Garry posted. Thank you everyone. I will post the results sometime next week.