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  1. Tractor Seats

    I'd most likely fall off if I sat like that. I'm 240 lbs and soon will be 73 years old. I feel good if I can climb on and off the normal way. Mal
  2. 520H repower

  3. Felony Green

    Wow,My worst nightmare realized.How could that happen?
  4. Tractor Seats

    Ok, tried starting on high side,then quickly slide to low side.No corduroy pants used.Stuff from the tool box is a good idea to try.Now, rubber backed carpet sounds good, The velcro might work if I can set my butt exactly on it.Something sounds wrong with the gorilla glue stuff. Old seat might and tape might work if I had the seat.The hill is not at 25* but it is good to know these things.Thanks For the ideas guys. Mal
  5. Tractor Seats

    Ok guys, what's the secret to keep from sliding off of these shiny plastic seat when mowing on a side hill?It seems that some of them have been wax polished.I've noticed some guys have those expensive seats with arm rests,but what do us poor guys do?Mal
  6. Muffler screen cover

    Thanks Aldon,I'll look for some of that kind of material in stainless.Will be a good project for me. Mal
  7. Muffler screen cover

    Hi, did the 414-8 WH come with a cover over the muffler?I got burned slightly on mine. If they did not come with one, are any available that would fit? Thanks Mal
  8. Long Frame

    Thanks, guys.Seems simple enough.
  9. How about a FREE C-160 automatic

    Nice,Very Nice
  10. Long Frame

    Hi again guys, I have another question. I've been reading and learning; so what tractors are considered to be long frame and what are the rest of them called? I know that they go by their numbers but have not seen the long frame described. As always,Thanks Mal
  11. New here and need some info

    Sorry for your loss,you must have meant a lot to him. I like all of the pictures. Thats like a gold mine. Enjoy them all.
  12. 18 auto wheelhorse

  13. 1975 Wheelhorse C-100 Restoration

    Looking great.You have got in good shape already and as your work continues it will be a show piece,I"m sure. I like the hood ornament too. Have fun with it.
  14. New Rescue this weekend!

    Nice steal. Takes a good bu(ah talker)to get one that nice and at that price.Looks great
  15. Hi

    Welcome,this is a great and informative site.