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  1. Guys, thanks for the ideas.Now I can try some of them.I'll see what works for me. Mal
  2. It has the original chain lift.I looked up the wheel base to compare them. 45.5 for the WH and 49 for the Ford. Maybe I am expecting too much and I can now see why some members are putting ag lug tires on the front. Thanks for the reply. Mal
  3. Hi everyone, first off I am used to plowing with a Ford 12 hp and had no steering problems.Today I used my Whee Horse 414-8. plowing my driveway in 2nd gear and and trying to steer either way, front wheels will easily slide straight ahead instead of turning where I want it to go.Chains on rear tires. My question is #1 is the rear differential different,as locked to straight drive or #2 does the slightly shorter wheel base on the Horse as compared to the Ford make the difference.They are pretty much matched, same width plow,same size tires and chains.I would like to use the Horse but feel compelled the continue using the Ford. Any helpful ideas are appreciated.Oh,The snow was only 4 inches deep. Thanks, Mal
  4. Brinly hitch

    Hi, be sure not to force the box apart to put in the shaft.It has to be in it's original position to get the bolt holes to line up when putting the fender pan back on.Also put the short bolts in above the gas tank. Have fun. Mal
  5. 520-8

    I don't know if your 520 is like my 310 but when I had the hood off ,it opened too far when I put it back on and it turned out that I had switched the steel brackets that bolt to the hood and the rod goes through as a hinge around by mistake.Please excuse my Dutch as I described it. Mal
  6. Hi everyone,I made a pair of skid shoes or feet or what ever they are called out of a piece of pipe and other metal. Here is the result.
  7. What should I pay ?

  8. wheel horse d-160

  9. Brinley Clevis hitch

    Thanks, I talked to him on the phone and he told which one to order. You guys are fast and I'm not complaining. Mal
  10. Hi, I ordered a clevis hitch for from one of our members for my WH 414-8 and have been looking under the tractor for the lever to hook the chain to and don't see any.Do I need to order more hardware? If so, exactly what? Thanks for any help,Mal
  11. Mower deck

    Thanks guys, this is exactly what I wanted. Mal
  12. Mower deck

    How can You tell which mower decks fit the various WH tractors by the model numbers? Is there a list somewhere? I was reading something On Implements and attachments titled "which deck" in which Bertie seems to know. Still learning, Mal
  13. Rains

    Ok,you got me.Ha Ha I'm just 1 old guy with a shovel, a hoe, and a tractor with a 7 ft back blade working against gravity and mother nature on a 150 ft drive way slanted toward the ditch. Mal
  14. Rains

    Well guys,I'm back. I've been busy trying to keep my gravel driveway from washing out to no avail. Washed out 4 times already.Trying to keep the drainage ditch open but with each rain, it fills in and water goes down the driveway along with"of coarse" the gravel. The amount of water in these downpours lately is amazing then it was every afternoon for I don't know how long.Thanks for letting me vent guys as I'm sure most have had these kind of things happen. Mal
  15. Tractor Seats

    I'd most likely fall off if I sat like that. I'm 240 lbs and soon will be 73 years old. I feel good if I can climb on and off the normal way. Mal