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  1. My 704 Update

    Thanks Molon. I would have liked the wheels to have came out more of a cream color. I see you are in Indiana. Where abouts? We are North Central Ohio 44849. Ever get up this way, stop in.
  2. My 704 Update

    Finished the 704 this morning after picking up a new muffler and drive belt for the deck. Now she can sit proudly with her stable mates in the barn. Thanks to everyone for their interest in this project.
  3. My 704 Update

    Thanks Jim, Looks like you have a head start compared to mine. Here is where I am at a few days ago.
  4. My 704 Update

    I was at the Northwest Ohio Antique Machinery show in Findlay Ohio today and found a real nice deck. Has a rattle can paint job and need to put my mounting/ drive hardware over onto it. Also the carb. kit came in to day. Two steps closer to being done.
  5. 32" Mower Deck

    First i would like to thank you for your efforts. I found and nice deck at the local tractor show today.
  6. Will it work?

    I made up and painted a solid spacer yesterday. In from the CBS paint booth and under the seat on the tractor this morning.
  7. 32" Mower Deck

  8. 32" Mower Deck

    Good price. Check shipping and let me know. Fastnal ?
  9. 32" Mower Deck

    Looks some better than mine. What are you asking for it? Shipping?
  10. Will it work?

    I fastened the spring to the drawbar of my Farmall H. With the hoist in the 1 ton position it began to lift the tractor. I stopped there as I could see something catastrophic happening. My advice is DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME !! I went with spacers. 3/4" under the seat did the trick. Thanks to all.
  11. Will it work?

    The spacer thing had crossed my mind in my sleep last nite. My go that way if this don't work. Or a new spring if I could find one.
  12. Will it work?

    I am going to leave it hang for a couple of days. Then check my measurements. Waiting on a carb kit so I have a few days to experiment. I do have a 200# wheel weight I can hang on it.
  13. Will it work?

    Ed, Have any idea what it might take weight wise?
  14. I am attempting to re-arch the seat spring. It has gotten to where when I set on it the seat rubs the fenders. By the way I am not over weight. 170# soaking wet. I have a 250# engine block hanging on it. Didn't want to heat it as that would take the spring out of it. I measured it unloaded and loaded. I am gong to leave it hang until tomorrow and see what happens.
  15. 32" Mower Deck

    I would like to find a deck for my 704 refurbish. Preferably close to Zip 44849 (Nevada Ohio). Would be like the one pictured but repairable. This one is rusted out bad. Thanks.