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  1. 518-H restoration

    I installed the Hydraulic Lift The 417-A donor Tractor had it. I put all new lines on ,It works great. I'm not sure about Decals Do I want the Stock look or something different
  2. Finished up the 518. Came out pretty well. With the Eaton 1100 I sailed up the Driveway the 700 would struggle going up. Very happy with the results. I would like to thank the members here for their assistance.
  3. 518 Restoraton

    I'm getting close to a test run. After filling the Transaxle and running it I found the oil very milky. Drained and refilled looked better. A couple more changes and it should clean up nicely. I'm not sure on which set of Decals I want Stock or maybe something custom
  4. 518 Restoraton

  5. This Site is great. So many helpful members. I'm going to give back. As far as the Lift rock Shaft I cut 4 1/4" pieces of plate and put them next to the lift mechanism, It gave me somewhere solid to drive against, Using a 1" Brass rod it drove out fairly easy. Next I removed the New Eaton 1100 from the donor Tractor and left the wheels on. Using a 2ft Pipe wrench over the Axle it was very easy to move it around. I put 2 old studs I had in 2 of the Transaxle mounting holes and with my Floor jack under the tractor pretty much rolled it into position, A drop of thread lock on each bolt and it's in there. wheel horse tranny wheel horse 3
  6. 518 Restoration

    Is there a Keyway in the sleeve, Something has to keep it from spinning. What keeps the lift arm on. Is this a drift pin ?
  7. 518 Restoration

    The height adjustment knob is all off, I have a Donor Tractor that the New Eaton is coming off, Lots of extra parts
  8. I decided to go with the Eaton 1100. I'm having a problem with the Lift Rock Shaft . I got it out on the right side but can't get the Lift arm to move. Am I going about this right. Tomorrow I'll try to heat it up and break it loose. I have been putting Penetrating oil on it all day.
  9. I'm restoring a 518-H. It has the Eaton 700 Transaxle. I have located a Gentleman that has a replacement 1100. He also has all the parts to turn it into a 8 speed. I have a 310-8 that I love. I'm seriously considering making the change. What are your thoughts. I live on hilly property, The Tractor will be used for mowing and snow removal
  10. I am restoring a 518 H I would like to know what the non slip covering on the floor boards is and where I can get some. Thanks
  11. Oil Level

    Thank You for the input. I don't normally wipe the Oil and reinsert. I've been checking Oil in all types of engines my whole life ( 37 years Heavy Equipment Operator ) I had never seen oil high on the Dipstick like that. I thought maybe a breather or something else was plugged.
  12. Oil Level

    I recently purchased a 1988 518-H. When I check the Oil level on a cold motor it is very high, If I bump the ignition ( without starting ) it goes to the normal level. Any Ideas
  13. I need some Input

    I recently purchased a 518-H with the Eaton 700. I am not happy with the Hydro. I know I can get a 1100 and change it. My question is . A 414-8 recently came up for sale cheap with a bad Motor, I was wondering if with the 2 tractors I could build a 518-8. My property is very hilly. some spots 15 degree. I know the 8 speed would be fine on the hills. The Onnan on the 518 runs flawlessly. I s it possible to put the 8 speed in .
  14. 518 Purchase

    I just bought a 518-H without realizing about the Eaton 700. I talked to a retired Wheel Horse Dealer and he said put Mobil 1 15 - 50 Synthetic oil in. It worked great It is now climbing the steep hill in my backyard even Hot. I paid $500 for mine With a 48" Deck,48" Plow, Wheel Weights and New Chains, With a Cart.
  15. What Year Is My Horse

    Thanks For The Answer