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  1. '68 Raider 12 Resto

    I already hooked Dan up!
  2. Lawn Ranger

    My 1964 that I have had since I was a kid!
  3. 520H Lift Valve

  4. 520H Lift Valve

    Pretty sure these are the right ones for your valve I had to look through 1 million pictures to find it LOL
  5. More shop art!!!

    Not a good motor Jim, it had a stuck valve with a mountain of carbon around it and the crank had lots of aluminum stuck to it from it being seized up and the muffler was completely rotted on the face so I put a new face on it and I had to repair the back in four spots As it had holes in it as well. I hope you’re right about the genie I think I’m going to try it !
  6. It's coming sooner than you think

    Thanks and I look forward to meeting you as well.
  7. It's coming sooner than you think

    That sounds good I will put that on the schedule and try to be there, we always try to arrive in Chambersburg Wednesday afternoon.
  8. It's coming sooner than you think

    Besides @953 nut is anyone else rolling in on Wednesday evening to chambersburg?
  9. More shop art!!!

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. I have been wanting to make it for over a year and finally took time to do so!
  10. More shop art!!!

    Finally finished my Wheel Horse themed Kohler engine lamp Here is a link...
  11. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    That’s very interesting Bob! I never knew Wheel Horse did that.
  12. So recently I sold a gentleman a transmission rebuild kit that was from Finland and it struck me odd at first on why he was asking for parts because it was not a Wheel Horse tractor so after reading through his email and looking through the manual that he sent me he wanted parts for a MinkOMatic which is a livestock feeding machine/tractor overseas and if you read through the PDF file that I attached and go to the last couple pages you will find a parts list and exploded view of a wheel horse eight speed transmission you will notice on the parts list that the part numbers are mostly all wheel horse numbers, the transmission does have a few variations on the input shaft and on the right axle. And you will also notice the tractor has a Kohler engine in it . So I communicated back-and-forth through email with the gentleman and he told me the company is still in business today and actually has two or three brand new wheel horse transmissions in their warehouse which are very expensive, in US dollars there around $1200 each. Here are some pictures of his tractor it does have the feed hopper removed he says that he’s turning it into a tractor now. So it got me thinking what other brands used Wheel Horse parts in them???? 107SL - 109SL[62].pdf
  13. Vintage Trucks

    Here are some pictures of my old truck now my oldest sons truck he is now 19 years old, it is a 1986 K-20 I bought this truck used when I was 18 years old and I’ve had it ever since. My oldest son showed interest in restoring it and now it is his and currently has the engine tore out of it this winter because we are doing a LS swap in it and now it is currently getting a 2000 5.3 engine. The plan is to have it running again in the spring!
  14. On The Cover of the Rolling Stone

    Nice spread Steve and Matt — excellent job!! Steve I love that sign!!! Very nice!
  15. WHX14

    Jim what is your address again??? I just realized that I forgot to send Cindy a Christmas 🎁....