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  1. What’s your favorite usage for a Wheel Horse

    My new favorite thing is unloading wagons and running the elevator. I must have unloaded at least 12 wagons during this year’s pioneer power show.
  2. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I used it a lot years ago with good results but lately it hasn’t impressed me at all. Seafoam must have changed there formula because it was lite green years ago and now it is clear (there’s actually a paint code called seafoam green) So again I’m not impressed with it lately.
  3. Planning trip to Big Show 2019.

    Come on over!! I simply plug my grill in the cigarette lighter on my wheel horse and supper is served!!
  4. Farmhand farm handy

    I don’t think so Dan this is much heavier and wider then a garden tractor No the front tire stops at about 70 degrees each way
  5. Farmhand farm handy

    So I picked this up a few weeks ago and thought I would share it on here. Made by Farmhand in 1966 or 67 the model is a farm handy there’s not much information on them and very few around, supposedly they were made for harvesting sugar beets back in the day. It has a 8hp Kohler motor with a 4 speed transmission/rear end. The clutch petal works like a wheel horse (clutch/brake) and there is a petal on each side so you don’t need to sit in the middle to drive it and top speed is around 11 mph.
  6. I always support my stacks!
  7. 2018 Le Sueur Pioneer Power

    Btw @WHX20 this guy said that he missed you and hopes to see you next year!!
  8. Bracket???

  9. Bracket???

    It is one of the brackets for an electric lift for a clevis hitch
  10. 416-H hyd/trans line leak

    If you need hoses I have replacement sets available for 520s pm me if interested
  11. Farm PTO in action

    The whole show because they only Thrash certain times every day
  12. How about STICKER Sunday!!!

  13. Farm PTO in action

    Finally got to try out the farm PTO on the 1257!
  14. Wanted: 854 Tie Rod

    Here is a link for a set that will fit your tractor if your interested https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html#!/Toro-Wheel-Horse-Tie-Rod-1772-01-1773-01-Shorter-Length-with-Replaceable-Ends-with-Nuts/p/84932507/category=23548038
  15. 45th Annual Pioneer Power Show

    @prondzy it sounds like @Terry M is planning on attending what do you think???