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  1. Lift flag wanted

  2. Thanks for your help.  I just ordered a pair of the tie rods.

  3. Tie rod help

    Here is for some new ones and yes they will fit your tractor https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/steering.html#!/Toro-Wheel-Horse-Tie-Rod-78-2900-78-2900-01-Longer-Length-with-Replaceable-Ends-with-Nuts/p/84932518/category=23548038
  4. 520-H

  5. Commando 800. 5085 trans problem

    Before you split the transmission look at your key ways / hubs on your axels- they could be worn badly
  6. HY-3

    The 704 has a different hood stand then a 854. (the controls are in the way)
  7. Happy Birthday Roadapples

    Happy birthday Jay!!
  8. Wheel Horse 702 from Spain

    Yes you are referring to the throttle cable they come straight on the end so you can cut them to the length so to answer your question yes install it in place then cut it to the length that you need then put the bend in it - here is what he is referring to.
  9. What is the rarest Wheel Horse Implement?

  10. New to me generator

    The flag is but the tube is lighter steel (like water pipe)
  11. red lens needed

  12. Clevis Hitch

  13. Wheel Horse 702 from Spain

    Is this what you need?
  14. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    My 1964 lawn ranger that I have had since I was a kid pulling a wheel horse tandem disc