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  1. Trailer tuesday

    My 1956 wheel horse trailer.
  2. It was a pleasure meeting you David and enjoyed the conversation it truly is a fantastic show Brett does an excellent job!! Looking forward to seeing you again next year when wheel horse will break the 939 tractor record at the show because Wheel horse is the feature next year!!! I have a commitment from a diehard Deere guy that says if we break the thousand tractor mark next year he will ride around on a wheel horse at the show!!!!
  3. And the garden tractor mafia didn’t disappoint!!! @Achto is driving and @WHX20 looks like he’s checking the activity on Redsquare
  4. Price of Smores will be going up

    Don’t forget about the ones that don’t grow on trees!!
  5. East bound and down! I’ll see you guys by noon!
  6. I feel your pain!
  7. Lets see the before and after pics!!

    I don’t have any complete before pictures but here is what I have of the 1257
  8. check my gears please, 3 spd unidrive

    Yes they are available here is the link to them, look through the pictures you’ll see other pictures of the gears and You will see pictures of the input shaft. https://www.wheelhorsepartsandmore.com/transmissions.html#!/3523-3rd-gear/p/84932562/category=23548039
  9. Don’t let him fool you them are just what’s at the house there is a secret shed off site with more treasures in it. Only a few know the whereabouts of it, very similar to area 51. I have heard that you have to wear a blindfold if he takes you to the shed!
  10. check my gears please, 3 spd unidrive

    Here is a picture of a bad gear and new gear side by side yours is wore if you put it back together like that it will pop out of 3rd gear while driving.
  11. Yep I’ll be there Thursday. @WHX20 and @Achto how is the Apple cobbler supply????
  12. 1054 Hydraulic Lift Pump Diagram?

    Yes go to the manual section and download the manual with the IPL for the 1054
  13. 2018 WH Show scores

    I have to add this... someone bought something from me and he paid me with this $10 bill - I think I’m going to frame it!