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  1. Toro wheelhorse 244-5

    94' model newer electric clutch, stator 14hp Onan strong running tractor dual bagger mower deck snoblower chains wheel weights
  2. Looks like I'll be painting!
  3. I can't remember for sure but I was thinking it was bleach. His pic is from yesterday but I did this two years ago, and it doesn't seem to be ruining the paint itself other than the color. You can see where I tried a little polishing compound on it yesterday.
  4. I accidentally put a bleach soaked towel on my hood. Anyone know if there's a way to bring the color back or does it need to be repainted?
  5. Toro Wheelhorse

    I have a 94 toro 244-5 with rear bagger, 38" mower and 38" snow blower all in pretty good condition. I'm thinking about selling. Anyone willing to give me a ballpark figure for an asking price? Probably less than 1000 hrs.
  6. So, Garry is correct with the model number. Now the used stator on eBay goes buy a totally different number than what the parts list shows which is NN1037. And the one Mastiff man shows is 191-1456-04. Different part or just different numbering system? Also does indeed the test I ran on the stator confirm that it is bad?
  7. Thanks, I'll try and get you some pics and more info.
  8. So, as the title says my 14 hp onan isn't charging. I pulled the wire plug off the ref./rect. and checked the wire to the stator with multimeter. I get zero from 1-2 and .9 from 1-3 and zero from 2-3 I'm just assuming that means the stator is bad? Can I check the reg./rect. The same way to see if it is also bad. Next question would be where to find a new stator on-line I can't seem to find anything under these numbers? E140 OV-N/109648