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  1. Buy or Pass?

    Very true. I'm sure it could have been worth parting out if I wanted to go that route and take the time, but after more careful consideration and some nudges from fellow forum members, it was just more worthwhile to pass. I'd rather take that 100 bucks towards purchases from our vendors. You guys are awesome, thanks again for straightening me out. I love this place. 👍
  2. Buy or Pass?

    Thanks again guys. I'm glad I asked. It looked like something cheap to tinker with, but considering my 314 is much more capable, I'd rather invest any money spent that direction.
  3. Buy or Pass?

    Thanks for the info. I don't really need it, nor do I want a project grass cutter. Heck, I don't really have the room for it. Think I'm gonna let this one pass. Thanks again.
  4. Buy or Pass?

    I feel like I should spring on this thing for $100 but I don't know much about the model in particular. Thought I'd ask you fine folks. 211-5. I feel like it wouldn't be hard to get out from underneath this thing for that cost if I decide to not hang on to it. Thoughts?
  5. Hey Sparky! It works great!!

    I know this is old, but it's funny that you should mention the pride thing. When my father was ill and dying, my uncle offered help on cutting the grass and I flat refused. There are other reasons to my situation of course that I won't take the time to get into, but the main one was just the feeling of, " I don't need any help, I've got this". Lol I'm going to be a stubborn old man one of these days I'm afraid. I've already got the stubborn part down that's for sure.
  6. New Rescue this weekend!

    Lol seems like the same thing here too!
  7. My Craig's List find today.

    WV, that's a nice looking herd and place you've got there my friend. An SCUT with a bucket would be handy for sure along with the Horses. I've only got about a quarter acre here so I'd have some trouble justifying more than my one Horse. I would love more land, but since my father passed away, I've been taking care of my mom's place also, which is around 2 acres and a 30-40 minute drive away. Working all that mowing and clean up into my already busy full time work week makes me feel better about not having so much to take care of at our place. If it were only us I had to concern about, I'd like more land. That was my initial draw to garden tractors in general. You don't need a very big slice of land for their useful purpose to still be present. Picked up an older single stage snow thrower this summer, and been looking into possibly getting more attachments down the road. My wish list seems to be growing faster than my wallet can take it. Haha
  8. My Craig's List find today.

    Of course I need to head on over to the vendor section and pick myself up a nice rockshaft kit and sleeve hitch bracket first. Perhaps I can sweet talk her into a Christmas box of Wheel Horse parts. 🤞My dad would get a kick out of this "horse-diction" I've got, he had the same thing except it was John Deere 2 cylinders instead.
  9. My Craig's List find today.

    lol I can't tell the wife this but after reading this post you've got me scrolling my local CL looking for deals like this one. Good find my friend, I just seen one local to me for 180 bucks. I feel like if I'm spending that much, I'd be better off to buy elsewhere.
  10. 2000 314-8

  11. Wheel Horse 312-8

    Check out https://lookup3.toro.com/request/request.cfm For your manuals. This should get you in the right direction. Enter model and serial and you're off to the races my friend. Enjoy that 312-8. I've got a 314-8 myself and I love working her. Picked up a snow blower this summer along with some wheel weights. Getting ready for any white stuff that may strike. Still have chains on the list of purchases. Other than that I run a 48" SD to keep the lawn groomed this time a year.
  12. Ordered a set on eBay today. Thank you again for the help. It's amazing what a difference it makes when you know what to search for.
  13. Good idea my friend. I'll look into sourcing from our vendors. I'd much rather spend my cash with a local person/business than to let Amazon/eBay get a cut. Thanks for the assistance and quick replies.
  14. Per wheel or set? Just wanna make sure I'm on the same page. I about had a heart attack when I seen a wheel for 30-40 with no bolt.
  15. Sleeve hitch

    Ty kindly. Glad to be here. I inherited my late fathers 00 Toro/WH 314-8, and when he bought it back in 99 I had no idea what kind of addiction he was getting me into now that I'm in my 30's. His thing was always 2 cylinder JD row crops, which I love also, but the wife is a city girl and a 2 cylinder diesel is hard to operate and maintain peace with the neighbors lol