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  1. neutral uni drive not working

    Hello Sarge ! Thanks for the advice ! I was leaning towards the same. The transmission was flushed good.... (several times) so...i also got the relative "safe" feeling for now... (as stevasaurus indicates). And it really wasnt that thick it remained seated...I was joking a bit....though it did scared the heck out of me.....i wouldnt have been suprised if it did stuck in that cup.. hihi. So Im going...as soon as he starts mowing again (thats all he does with it) ill get it to flush it again. Good thing is: He has change the oil of the engine and he does keep the battery charged and he uses a brush to get old oil on the blank spots Thats as far as he goes...dont think he changed other thinigs like the filters or Sparks or grease on the "known" points......but overall it is iin good shape. He just never looked at the transmission... Best thing is... im new into Wheel Horse, and seeing this...well...hats off..impressed...and proud to have one. ! (owh two that allready is hihi)
  2. neutral uni drive not working

    No metal ...thankfully.... I tried to put it in a pan....turned it upside down....and It remain seated ...like ketchup lol... well...almost... Now, without joking: ...there actually were a few big "bubbles"...how u say that..."behaved"...ehm... "not liquid anymore" investigated it with that wooden stick, just too make sure there wasn't metal in it. He couldn't remember if it ever was changed... It must have been in there for at least 25 years. But im happy, im not a mechanic (neither is he) but helped and improved (with forum help obvious) so...all happy !
  3. High guys from The Netherlands

    Not sure where to post it.... Did some work outside....couple branches came down last storm..had to clean it up.i Its just about starting to freez outside, but with the sun....and company lovely day !
  4. neutral uni drive not working

    U guys are just about amazing..... Last evening... I started to push the wheel horse in neutral and i actually found it to be "heavy" compared to mine. So.... from all your advice: I started to "flush" the transmission, when i removed the "bolt"...Something happend... What came out of it...I can only describe as... How a little child must feel about dessert, how she/he thinks it is....when he/she really doesnt want it. It was so thick, it actually had a little test. Last night when i got home with a sample, i put in a small wooden rod, this morning....it was still there ! After "flushing" a couple times new oil in (ill change that again) ...its much better...the owner says it never shifted that good and its easy to push hihi.. So on behalf of him .....THANK YOU ALL
  5. neutral uni drive not working

    Oke...if done as much catching up as i can reading the PDF's...but im without a clue. I know he keeps his WH "clean" for as as far as "normal" persons go. (ill check, tnx !) Although i wanna drive now towards him, (just have to find out hihi) Ill go visit him some evening upcoming week, ill bring some new oil along with me...and do a "flush". That's a good option ! I didn't thought of that ...thanks ! Thanks for you guys thinking along !
  6. neutral uni drive not working

    ps... i phoned with him...as i thought...motion control lever thats that shift thing i have on my hydro (probably wrong hihi) But he confirmed its not a hydro, and if it was a "a" version he wouldnt know. All he knows it has low and high gearing 3 speeds and reverse. And he tells me he can "push" it in neutral... Hm...makes me wonder if it just isnt something with the drive belt ... Grr...im allready reading pdf's, dont u just hate it when u start reading and not sure where to find the "clue". Enjoy the Sunday !
  7. neutral uni drive not working

    Thank you !...all i know its not a hydro...ill see in my 316-8 manual if i can find something about it...must be similar !
  8. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    Is chris the on youtube ? ...what was it called project Bendy ? fantastic to see !
  9. HI Guys, A friend of mine has an old 416-8 with a uni drive. I haven't done any work on transmissions ...he says all is working, but in neutral it drives a bit.. Its slowly going forward, he now uses the brake to "stand still". Since he is not a mechanical type of guy at all...im going to have a look at it. Not sure...but i think it has something to do with the brake ? wasnt it something like the brake should hold it in neutral and the transmission should rotate ? Any fast solutions ? before i dive into the PDF's hihi Thank you in advance !
  10. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    Although it has a JD sticker on it... This is up for sale on a Dutch selling site. The owner claims its a Hesston / Toro made It has a 21Hp Kohler engine and is a hydro. He is asking a bid above 1750 euro's. It sure looks to have Wheel Horse DNA to me Havnt seen it before ...looks briljant to me..
  11. 316-8 acting strange..

    ....one of the bolts holding a couple wires wasn't as tight as it should be... Up and running !.... Thanks again !
  12. 316-8 acting strange..

    @Racinbob thanks for the confirmation ! @C-101plowerpower Thanks for the confirmation on the other part lol..., there was a c111 on Marktplaats yesterday 425 seemed in good condition had a kawasaki engine on it...didnt run but was all the way in Limburg, i just told the wife i had issues with my 316-8 when i saw the add...bad timing lol... Just got back home...going to have a look at the 316 now. Enjoy the Sunday !
  13. 316-8 acting strange..

    Hi guys, while restoring my 520H i needed to bring the "old paper and paper boxes" to the street for collection. What better way to do that than with the 316-8 .....while driving i thought i heard the engine didnt sound that well. It was almost like the "choke" was still on. At a certain point....the engine... it just stopped. Now i noticed the voltage meter was "jumping" up and down. (like a loose connection) While seeing that i figured...hm..maybe the engine didnt run that well and i was right....and some "sparkes" were missed due to an electrical issue. Plan is to just run down everything for loose connections, but maybe u guys say ....owh thats a well known problem.... its the .....(ur answer) In that case, please do say so, thanks you in advance.. I needed it up and running before my wife tells me : why do u buy another one...make sure u have one that runs in first place
  14. Hello from Czech

    Fantastic ! Keep up the good work !
  15. High guys from The Netherlands

    Hi Guys, just for anyone reading along and and with interest on that brochure, its in the forum database now... Kind regards, Henry