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  1. known issues k341 ?

    Sadly... we didnt close the deal.. Offered him 700 euros for "it" and the attechment...the tractor was beyond "project", on picture it seemed relative oke but... Everything was bent and broken.... His hobby was "motorcross" and the wheelhorse was used for it ...tyres were not in a line..all bearings ..o well u get the picture... Im not happy...really looked forward for it... ill wait... Thanks for all help !
  2. known issues k341 ?

    Its in a 416-8... Thanks for the intel about the c160, havnt seen one yet. Kind regards ! Henry
  3. known issues k341 ?

    Great ! Thanks for input..highly appreciated ! Sounds that model Kohler engine is one valued by the Wheel horse community, makes me happy ! Thanks again. Kind regards, Henry
  4. known issues k341 ?

    Hello, Im going to pickup my 2nd Wheel horse From the looks of it, it has a kohler 341 engine, now i'm already familiar with the "Wheel horse" tractor and know where to look for issues (which is a 416-8) But i never had a Kohler engine before. Therefore if someone could be so kind...I could use some tips when i buy it next week.. What would be the "issues" to look for ? The hour meter says it has already about a 1000 hours on it, so it probably is up for a good inspection hihi. I could bring a compression test kit with me (guess anywhere near 100 psi would be good ?) and volt meter to see if it charges. Is there anything i could pay some attention too ? And is the engine actually a Kohler 341 ? ...could be mistaking hihi.. Thanks in advance !
  5. What type is it ?

    Thanks...that certainly looks like where the idea came from.... very interesting ! Kind regards, Henry
  6. What type is it ?

    There it goes ;-)... A Dutch collector informed that it most likely is a product made by the Dutch importer. They seem to have made some attachments of there own...they are still in business.. so ill drop them an email tomorrow. I got it almost "sorted" there is a slight bend in the the "tube" (bar?) that goes underneath...so i need to push that back or weld it again and enhance strength. Looks nice though Kind regards, Henry !
  7. What type is it ?

    Thanks ! That should put me in the right direction !. I phoned with the owner, which is a older man...and he confirmed it does go in the front, he seems to have some original paper work, though im not sure if that was for the 418 (which he also has for sale) or for this one. Bit difficult to understand the man. Hoping to pick it up next week...Ill put up some pictures ! Kind regards, Henry
  8. What type is it ?

    Owh...good point !.. No actually im not, i "assumed" it was... (stupid me hihi) Thinking of it I think the owner said "he used it with his 418 and i took for granted it was a "behind" the thing that made me get that idea was that long bar you see in the first picture..to attach it. though perhaps that goes underneath (or some where else) Thanks for the reply ! one step closer !
  9. What type is it ?

    Hello All ! Got myself this one today...but not sure what type it is...or if it actually is Wheel Horse... All i know it was behind a 418 and the owner says he got it new and it is Wheel Horse most likely around '88 any ideas ? Havnt seen it yet, possible there is information on it... cant wait to pick it up hihi... Thank you in advance ! Kind regards, Henry
  10. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Did some "governor / carburetor adjustments What do you guys think ?
  11. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Putting it back together I noticed another "thing".. The sparkplug head (?) from the ignition..one i could press firm and would hear the connection... With the other i couldnt hear it, so i took a screwdriver and tried to push the connection a bit tighter (also cleaned it) Just went for a quick test run... I drove for 5 minutes being the happiest man on earth...good day today ! It ran as smooth as it ever did. But still, when i move the throttle it "holds back" and needs a second to level out (?) ..its not action-reaction.. but more like: action- "hmm not sure but ill change rpm" . owh there is where he wants me to be... and smooth. (during that "thinking" time" it sounds like the choke is open or so) I'm almost certain it isn't producing the RPM's it could and RPM's go down ..while driving (full throttle) then i adjust the throttle back up...and oke again I'm thinking those issues are governor related ? Possibly my the "biggest" problems were solved by updating torque on head bolts (maybe my 1 new torque wrench isn't that good?) and possible the bad spark plug connection ? Almost scared of giving it another go ....hihi Feeling im almost there
  12. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    oke... I have two "Torq wrenches" ... One 2 to 20 N/m and the other from 19 till 100 newton meter. If used the big one now.. and set it at 22 N/m The headbolts all needed and extra halve turn compared to my "other" (both brand new) ...and front cylinder compression now is @ 75 newton/meter just like the back one is... thats positive !!! Think ill stop right now hihi..did have so many positive feelings last couple of days
  13. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Hello All ! Thank you all for responding !...really need it to get this sorted. Oke... I cleaned all... i checked valve distance still 0.13mm and 0.33mm The heat sinks are "on". I changed the float of the carburetor so it was "flat" when it was upside down. It was a bit to low First test... It started at once and sounds oke... but then..after a while it goes again. I removed the gascap and I put some pressure on the tank, maybe it was wishful thinking...but perhaps it did run a bit better. 1- Measured the ignition coil after 5 minutes and resistance went up to about 20 Ohms (thats just beyond specification..so ill probably get a new one...just in case) 2- Measured compression .... the cylinder close to the the steering wheel gave 75 psi the one up front 55 psi. (oeps) (measured with no spark plug inserted, engine was cold, no air filter, choke and throttle both wide open, and rotated the flywheel by hand...(hope this is correct?) 3- I notice the oil pressure light blinks when i "switch" the test button (the others just light up) I notice the oil pressure light blinks when i start but turns off as it runs 4-When it runs...and i push throttle i actually do see "smoke".. 5-When it runs and i put my hand in front of the exhaust...some strokes (just every now and then) seems "with more power" With that said, i think i also hear a "no explosion" stroke ...or it did not fire....not sure how i should call that... 6- The governor doesn't seem to be 100% ...at full throttle it slowly goes down in RPM. 7- The longer it runs the worse it gets.. Actually had a saturday night spare "google" hour and looked at some small diesel engines to replace the Onan, but... IIm not "done" yet hihi... So... Think i need to test compression valve leak before i take the head off. I will verify all the "torques" (head / manifolds) Perhaps next time ill run it with a tank on top to "by pass" the fuel pump...just in case.. On the positive side ....im starting to be really good in dismantling the engine hihi EDIT: .... I put about a spoon full of straight SAE 30 in the front cylinder and did the same test...though its no easy to verify but i gained roughly 10 psi on that cylinder.. so that tells me the piston rings or piston needs to have a second look. But then still...it is "low".. and doesnt sum up for the rest of the issues..
  14. onan 16 hp intake bolts

    As cleat said ... With mine...One of my bolts hold the oilstick...since that has a "square" washer to keep it tight i keep the bolt and washer hanging on the oilstick... perhaps u did the same and its still hanging there ?
  15. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Hello Guys, After having had a little fun with my "new" 316-8 onan P216G version. The engine sounds like it is short on fuel...I don't hear any backfiring. But i think i do hear "strokes" without a "firing" (ill record it later sorry...hope u know what im trying to indicate) Now, i want to have it "perfect" as far as i can do...im not knowledgable but the forum is of great help ! So far: I changed fuel lines, I did a decarbon (heads came of) I cleaned the carburetor all new gaskets, new sparks ... -BPR5EFS (seems to be the same) -I measured the coil ...ohms are within specs. -new air filter, fuel filter etc. -While cleaning the heads i didn't notice anything wrong with the valve seats but that could be of course... -And set the valve distance to specs (0.13...0.33mm..(speaking from my mind)) Put it all back and it did ran a whole lot better...no smoke..I can engage the PTO without shutting the engine down which seemed to be the case previously as it was really struggling.....but still.... it isnt running that well (after say 10min just like previous). The engine is back on my desk, as for me it was rather dirty the first case and i didnt do "all" my mistake, bit to excited about my first horse ! ...and you just can reach everything better...i want to be "sure" (also remeasured the valve clearance) etc. anyway: I dismounted the flywheel, and yes, there was loads of rubbish the magnets all clean now. (Made sure the flywheel came of nice and easy...btw...got that warning :-)) Im now thinking in lines of : (planning to do:) 1- not enough fuel... (but why would that "happen" after 10...15 minutes ? maybe the fuel pump ? I can check that if it runs bad..and i "put a litlle in the carburetor" 2- due to heat "something" changes and bad air gets sucked in...I can check that if i have it mounted back on by bringing some WD40 while it is running and see if the sound changes 3-The carburetor has vacuum issues ? ...or perhaps the "float" isn't good. I will check that.. 4-I didnt do anything yet with those breather intake tubes and filters...maybe its there... need to read up on that. 4-wiring.. Im now at the stage where i'm trying to "search" reading a manual i read : IMPORTANT: Do not hold flywheel from turning with a pry bar in the fins. Doing so may damage the fins. That line i do not understand ... its from another forum but should be about the onan engine. Could some one give me a hint ? Other "hints" that i could do to "verify" now...while it is on my working desk would be highly welcomed !!! Ill go back to "cleaning" ... Thank you for your time in advance !