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  1. onan 16 hp intake bolts

    As cleat said ... With mine...One of my bolts hold the oilstick...since that has a "square" washer to keep it tight i keep the bolt and washer hanging on the oilstick... perhaps u did the same and its still hanging there ?
  2. Onan p216G bad after 10..15 minutes

    Hello Guys, After having had a little fun with my "new" 316-8 onan P216G version. The engine sounds like it is short on fuel...I don't hear any backfiring. But i think i do hear "strokes" without a "firing" (ill record it later sorry...hope u know what im trying to indicate) Now, i want to have it "perfect" as far as i can do...im not knowledgable but the forum is of great help ! So far: I changed fuel lines, I did a decarbon (heads came of) I cleaned the carburetor all new gaskets, new sparks ... -BPR5EFS (seems to be the same) -I measured the coil ...ohms are within specs. -new air filter, fuel filter etc. -While cleaning the heads i didn't notice anything wrong with the valve seats but that could be of course... -And set the valve distance to specs (0.13...0.33mm..(speaking from my mind)) Put it all back and it did ran a whole lot better...no smoke..I can engage the PTO without shutting the engine down which seemed to be the case previously as it was really struggling.....but still.... it isnt running that well (after say 10min just like previous). The engine is back on my desk, as for me it was rather dirty the first case and i didnt do "all" my mistake, bit to excited about my first horse ! ...and you just can reach everything better...i want to be "sure" (also remeasured the valve clearance) etc. anyway: I dismounted the flywheel, and yes, there was loads of rubbish the magnets all clean now. (Made sure the flywheel came of nice and easy...btw...got that warning :-)) Im now thinking in lines of : (planning to do:) 1- not enough fuel... (but why would that "happen" after 10...15 minutes ? maybe the fuel pump ? I can check that if it runs bad..and i "put a litlle in the carburetor" 2- due to heat "something" changes and bad air gets sucked in...I can check that if i have it mounted back on by bringing some WD40 while it is running and see if the sound changes 3-The carburetor has vacuum issues ? ...or perhaps the "float" isn't good. I will check that.. 4-I didnt do anything yet with those breather intake tubes and filters...maybe its there... need to read up on that. 4-wiring.. Im now at the stage where i'm trying to "search" reading a manual i read : IMPORTANT: Do not hold flywheel from turning with a pry bar in the fins. Doing so may damage the fins. That line i do not understand ... its from another forum but should be about the onan engine. Could some one give me a hint ? Other "hints" that i could do to "verify" now...while it is on my working desk would be highly welcomed !!! Ill go back to "cleaning" ... Thank you for your time in advance !
  3. How I decarbon a P216 Onan

    Hello Guys, If i may ask.. Im in the progress of decarboning... do you guys do anything with the chamber in cylinderhead from piston to exhaust pipe ? (there where the valve goes into the valve guide ?) Made a few pictures of the present situation in the "euro introduction" section. Or should i just leave it as it is ? Thank you in advance ! Henry
  4. High guys from The Netherlands

    Almost there.. dont think i know stuff.. this is the first time im doing something like this.. its "soaking" this evening.. thanks to the forum im feeling like i can hihi...hope to give it a nice brush tomorrow ..
  5. High guys from The Netherlands

    Hi koen.. Havnt had a responce of that club yet.. and it doesnt look to be really acttive.. anyway..do happen to know what price it was up for ?...(that 520?)
  6. High guys from The Netherlands

    Hi Koen ! It was on 2dehands.be belongend to a"Bart" about 15min...30min across the border (breda). Seemed a nice guy... In the mean time if seen a 520 for sale at "jcc" which was gone asap. (Marktpltz) There's also a 416 near luik. But the owner seems to have some comunicating problems. (Maybe one of those fake guys) O well... first need to get this one sorted. Im allready excited those Onan parts are availible... Owh...and there seemed to be a Dutch Wheel Horse club...? I signed up for it.. Tnx for response ! Kind regards, H !
  7. High guys from The Netherlands

    Thanks for the warm welcome ! Well, after a while ... the onan engine sounds like it is..low on fuel.... probarbly carbon buildt up or dirt in system (?) So...decided to do a total "cleaning"... and refresh what can be done. The positive news !!!: The onan dealer here says he has about 99 percent of all parts for it :-))) Im now on holliday... but would rather work on it !!! Hihi.. Owh.. and i got one of these for 2nd project
  8. High guys from The Netherlands

    Hi ! Im near the city of Opende .. if put a spot on the member map. If you visualise the map of Holland and put a spot in the center of north part .. it will be pritty much spot on.. . Kind regards, H.
  9. High guys from The Netherlands

    Thanks !!! Regarding the weight box... yes.. just to be safe..im not sure what im up against hihi. The previous owner told me it was "original" though i doubt it ? Searching pictures on the net I couldn't find one (yet) There is a belt which goes all the way forward..to power it. Attached a few more pictures..
  10. I apologize for allready having starting a topic without providing an introduction, and also for the grammar mistakes....hihi Im Henry from the northern part of the Netherlands, last april i had an operation on my knee and decided it was time to update the old MTD (12pk briggs stratton). That thing runs like new again, and had a fantastic time working on it... With that said...it had some room for improvement (being kind here) it seems a bit tiny ..and it is just.... well...not quite it... So the search went how to improve, do thing "better"...At that time i saw for the first time a wheel horse, never seen one before...fell in love at first sight. After spending a lot of time on the forum (GREAT SOURCE !!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH) And with a bit of luck, I came across an 316-8 in to what i believe very good shape for its age. It seems a bit hard to get hold on Wheel Horse here... First ill just spend some time "looking" then the "first" maintenance and "verifications" ....and have a bit of fun.... After that it will probably end up at the working place and give it some detailed attention Thanks all ! Kind regards from our place ! Henry
  11. known issues 316-8 ?

    Hello everyone !, The owner has returned from his holiday .. and by the looks of it going to pick it up on thursday... Thanks to all again ! Kind regards, Henry
  12. known issues 316-8 ?

    Hello All, @Ohiofarmer...Indeed, i just spend an hour (or 2) reading about the Onan engine...and from your post i now know where to look for besides the engine tnx ! @Meadowfield,...if the seller reads here...I hope he will thank you ! Your post is just the one needed for me to go ahead...(so thanks from my side too hihi) Have to wait till the owner returns from holliday,...hoping for a nice end result ! (ill post a picture) Thank you all ! Kind regards, Henry
  13. known issues 316-8 ?

    Thank you so much for the replies !.... KC9KAS...that sounds to me like a HAM call ?( if so... 73s from PG0DX ) In aspect to prices, seems prices in the USA are lower compared to Europa, with that said....that is my initial thoughts...after spending a lovely weekend searching on the net...by far Im "knowledgable", could be mistaking. Think i am "hooked" now...so ill get there hihi... Thanks again, Kind regards, Henry
  14. known issues 316-8 ?

    Hello all, Since a while if gathered enthusiasme for law mowers, in general.. ....untill.. i saw.. wheel horse... ( no futher explination needed i recon hihi) Would love to set my goal at one of that oldtimers.. but need a "work horse" atm im leaning to a 316-8 in very good shape.. 16hp onan engine.. roughly he is asking a 1000 euros for it. Would that be a fair price ? And what would be points of interest to inspect ... im not worried about "doing work"..not art all... but perhaps there are "known" issues ? Thank you in advance.. Kind regards, H.