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  1. Wheel horse / Toro

    Why did Toro buy Wheel Horse ?
  2. 16 magnum

    I am not 30 miles from San Francisco , and on selling not really , want to put it on my C 165.
  3. 16 magnum

    Bought it in Tidewater , Va........... everything has a price.
  4. 16 magnum

    I thought you and others would understand what I meant, but now that you are off topic my preference is a M14.
  5. 16 magnum

    Can not read the serial - spec number on the M 16. Does not appear to have an oils switch and from your pics it looks doable. The K341 was run with a loose head gasket and now smokes a bit . Have not removed head for inspection , may be valve guides as it runs good with no loss of power.
  6. 16 magnum

    I have a 16 Magnum that will not fit a engine mount on a C 165. Can I swap oil pans with a k341 that is in the C 165.
  7. Selling out WH collection

    Do you have any 1 1/8" wheel hubs ?
  8. tractors and lots of parts

    Do you have an unattached wheel hub for a C165 ?
  9. Appeared untouched , tight .

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Ffarmer


      I have another axle in a parts C165 that I will pull and try. Thanks for the help.


    3. Ffarmer


      For the record , today I marked the hub and axle ,  put it in gear ,released the clutch while holding the brake and line on hub/axle did not change.

    4. Ffarmer


      Bought it in Tidewater , Va........ Everything has a price.

  10. C 165

    Appears to be as mounted by Wheel Horse.
  11. C 165

    Jacked it up this afternoon, right rear was at housing and would turn independently . Removed tire , removed hub, cleaned shaft and hub, and replaced all , setting the set bolts tight and jam nuts . Still have slippage and the belt is as tight as the one on my C125 . Did not check pulley on transmission . What next ?
  12. C 165

    Will do when I get it out of the garage. If that is the case , why is it OK in low range ?
  13. C 165

    Engine is great. Has no or little power in high range ,would not back up in trailer when I bought it . Worked ok in low range.
  14. C 165

    Just bought a C 165 and it has no power in the high range . What could be the problem ?
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