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  1. Appeared untouched , tight .

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    2. Ffarmer


      I tried to pull out the left axle while on the jack off the floor but  it is firmly attached . So I removed the jack and jacked up the right side and the same results as the left ,turns freely but will not come out.

    3. N3PUY


      With both wheels on the floor the tractor cannot be pushed .... but either one of the wheels can be turned ... very interesting!   I think it's a differential problem.  Might be time to open it up.   Post your findings on the forum and get other opinions. Good luck,



      PS  That is still the symptoms of a hub turning on an axle. :think:

    4. Ffarmer


      I have another axle in a parts C165 that I will pull and try. Thanks for the help.


  2. Appears to be as mounted by Wheel Horse.
  3. Jacked it up this afternoon, right rear was at housing and would turn independently . Removed tire , removed hub, cleaned shaft and hub, and replaced all , setting the set bolts tight and jam nuts . Still have slippage and the belt is as tight as the one on my C125 . Did not check pulley on transmission . What next ?
  4. Will do when I get it out of the garage. If that is the case , why is it OK in low range ?
  5. Engine is great. Has no or little power in high range ,would not back up in trailer when I bought it . Worked ok in low range.
  6. Just bought a C 165 and it has no power in the high range . What could be the problem ?