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  1. 94-520-h

    OK guys the 520 H is up and running !!!!here's what was up. I replaced the key switch as recommended then replaced all three relays... no go. I then replaced the refractor and then also replaced the capacitor..nope! Cleaned a bunch of wires and connectors ...na.Then I took the advise of my good bud 96WS6TA because he's a decant guy at best .. to replace the ignition trigger. So we pulled the flywheel and discovered that the stater was filthy dirty covered with dust ..we proceeded to clean that all up replace the ignition trigger started it up and BLAMO !! That's it !!!!!!!!!!!! He even gave me the part to ! What a guy!! So we let it run for the longest it's ran since I've owned it and she didn't shut down. then a new problem revealed itself . The 30 amp fuse begin to melt. I pulled the wires out of the fuse block and made a joint because the fuse connection was poor creating a high heat connection . Probably wasn't a problem before because I wasn't getting great voltage off of the charging system because of it being so dirty. Just wanted to let you all know in the hopes that it might help someone else along the way and thank everybody else for their help also thanks to my good buddy!
  2. 94-520-h

    Hey n3puy you say it was the 9 pin connector ? Were your symptoms exactly what I described in my first post ? I think that could be a possibility but the only reason I don't feel it is an electrical issue of that sort is because the tractor always starts back up . I've also shuck the connector while the tractor was running and that didn't cause it to stall. Just curious what your symptoms were ??
  3. 94-520-h

    OK guys my good buddy ordered me the switch because he's an ok guy. I put in the new ignition switch and the tractor is still doing the same thing. What do ya think??
  4. 94-520-h

    That sounds very plausible ! I will give it a shot and report back asap. Thanks !! Thanks 🙏🏻
  5. 94-520-h

    I appreciate your help and don't mean to second guess but what's going on in the switch that would make this happen? I would think that the key switch is a set of contacts that are eather closed or open ? Like I said I can wiggle the key and the rear key harness to attemp and induce the symptom but that doesn't make the motor quit. Someone said it may be the flywheel sensor causing this issue???
  6. 94-520-h

    I have a 1994 520-h with a 20hp onan. The thing is in good shape and the electrical looks to be 99.9% original. The problem engine just cuts out. There is no sputtering or any pattern. If when it cuts out I turn key off then back on the motor will come back up. I've jiggled the key and the key harness while running to attempt to stall motor and this does not effect motor which leads me to believe that key is not the problem. I do not believe this is a short problem because after stalling the motor always starts back up. What do y'all think !??