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  1. I know .. I know ...

    I love tractors, no matter what the color! Thanks for posting them.
  2. Last Winter's Project

    Spelling error corrected. Cool car and I love the color scheme!
  3. new to forum

    Welcome! Can you post a pic? Which Kohler 10 is it? K241 or a Magnum? Are the hood stripes maroon or black? Give us a few clues and we'll tell ya what you have.
  4. Bonfire night

    @WHX20 Basket is gone!
  5. Bonfire night

    I’ll have to snag a pic of the basket once it’s in! Right now it’s just wood.
  6. Bonfire night

    Couple pallets to get us a nice bed of coals. You can see the sacrificial wicker basket just waiting it’s turn 🔥
  7. Bonfire night

    Get her started!
  8. Bonfire night

    Having a few people over for a bonfire...figured I’d put the 656/Honda to work. Hauled out a few chairs that needed scrubbing and a couple loads of wood. Have some nice dry pallets close by as well . Wife wanted me to toss out a wicker laundry basket today (but I saved it for tonight! Wicker burns great!!)
  9. I love hearing stories like this! Thanks for sharing and the pics
  10. Show transport

    They're 16/6.50/8's but mounted on skinny rims which has made them a bit taller.
  11. Show transport

    It's actually a better cruiser, the Honda is only a 5hp and its not to torquey. Plus the motor pulley is oversize for increased ground speed
  12. Show transport

    Took today off work and spent it tinkering on one of my junkers. It was a 656 originally. Sports a Honda under the hood now. Painted up the rims, added a hood ornament and relocated the front weights. With that light weight Honda this thing will pop a wheelie at 1/4 throttle! Damn scary! Moved the weights to between the frame rails. I know the Honda’s get no respect but this one runs so smooth and real quiet. You can actually yak on your cell phone while cruising on this tractor! Try that with the original Teccy 6!! This one will be my show cruiser at Zagrays in a couple weeks. Hope to see ya there!!
  13. Custom rim color

    It’s flat gray primer with a coat of clear semi-gloss for the win!!
  14. Front End Friday