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  1. Another successful snow cleaning!

    My tires are 23x10.5 Carlisle All Trails.
  2. Lebanon Valley indoor tractor show

    WOW! That’s a sea of Farmalls!! Good lookin ones to, not just rusty project machines.
  3. 312-8 Project

    Yep, perfect machine to start with. Good luck!
  4. Another successful snow cleaning!

    For anyone that the video doesn't play here it is posted from a different device. IMG_1568.mov
  5. Another successful snow cleaning!

    I love em! I keep the air pressure low and have the 50# weights on the outside and 26# weights on the inside of each rim. I've only used them for snow duty and don't own a loader but I bet they would work great for loader duty. Mine are the 10.5 width tires mounted on the wider rims that come on the 520's.
  6. Another successful snow cleaning!

    Glad the video worked for you.... Believe it or not it won't play for me!!
  7. This old GT-1600 is my absolute favorite machine! The Magnum 10 runs perfect every time and never fails me. Woke to a 5”-6” covering of the white stuff and it was on the heavy side. Shot the blade with some WD-40 to prevent snow stickage (is that even a word?) and went at it. Less than an hour (of pure fun!) and my driveway and mailbox were clear as well as a path to the oil fill. Video attempt.....from my IPhone. 3AF656D2-AC4B-489F-B4F0-BB1895509C70.MOV
  8. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Flipped the cutting edge on my snow beast...in preparation for tomorrow’s snow!
  9. Almost lost our little friend, again

    That was nice to read. Well done by your wife. The loss of a pet is so damn difficult!
  10. RED fuel shut off

    I saw that!
  11. RED fuel shut off

    Hmm...great price. But is it a Made In China cheapy that will leak in a couple months.
  12. New W-H Banner Arrived Today

    Looks great! Where's it gonna hang? Or will it be mounted on poles and brought to shows?
  13. Trailer talk....

    No PJ dealers near me Steve. I see them on Craigslist all the time but they are in New Jersey.
  14. Trailer talk....

    Ummm...what you sayin?? Calling me old and shot 🤣! I can lift the gate all by myself pal.
  15. Trailer talk....

    Sign over the title and I’ll haul it (somewhere)