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  1. Tree’s down

    Very true. I am somewhat pressed. Winter is coming and my work travel schedule is about to get crazy busy with me traveling all over the country. Plus...I hate my front yard looking like a bomb went off 💥!
  2. Tree’s down

    You are so right!! Spent 5 hours with my dad cutting the brush into manageable lengths and made piles in preparation for the diesel powered chipped I have reserved for Saturday. Once the brush was done I attacked the real wood...I'm no spring chicken anymore and Ive been out of construction for over 7 years now ( got soft 😱), running my Husky 55 Rancher with a 20" bar really beat me up!
  3. just saying hi

  4. JD 314 auto hydrostatic with front hydro ports

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Tree’s down

    Not pricy (in my opinion) ,all 9 trees were an even $1000. He was a legit company with full insurance. All I asked for was to get em in the ground, I’ll clean up all the brush and cut the wood into wood stove length. These suckers were tall!! The tallest according to him was about 85’. He used the bucket for the whole job so all the heavy trunks are no longer than 6’. Still a lot of work ahead of me of course.
  6. Tree’s down

    Had a tree company take down 9 trees in the yard today. Lots of yard cleanup in my future! And some seat time hauling wood of course.
  7. The time has come.

    Wishing you a fast smooth recovery Jim!!
  8. What is a "safe" hill angle for a kohler 8 ?

    If you add both front and rear wheel weights that'll make it a bit more stable with a lower center of gravity.
  9. Head gasket install tips

    It’s a half turn or less on EVERY head bolt. And I went to 30 pounds the first time I torqued them. Pretty sure I would have been looking at a leaky head gasket real soon if I had just torqued them once and never re-checked.
  10. Head gasket install tips

    I believe your right. I was a bit shocked by how much it took to get them back to spec after the first hour or running.
  11. Head gasket install tips

    I did use the Copper Spray that posted a pic of....I cant say that it helps or not, time will tell. New points are on my to-do list for the C-145.
  12. Head gasket install tips

    One more tidbit of info....ran the tractor for over an hour and let it cool off, checked the head bolts and EVERY one of em needed to be re-torqued.
  13. Head gasket install tips

  14. Head gasket install tips

    @gwest_ca What's the best ratio of Marvel to gas?
  15. Head gasket install tips

    So it’s been awhile. Let the carb body soak for a week and rebuilt it. Then it was head gasket time, bought and used the copper spray stuff. Not sure if it needed it or not but it couldn’t hurt right? I sanded the points, kinda wish I ordered new ones as it has a little hiccup or a skip at hi rpms. Or maybe it needs a bit more carb adjustment. A38C1E81-CAD2-4450-B08A-FFAF284F6F58.MOV