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  1. Loading Shovel

    Damn incredible that is!! For show? Or will it get dirty?
  2. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    So Sunday is never as good as Saturday. I think about 30% of the vendors only do Saturday. But it was the only day I could go. Didn’t bother hauling a tractor, just walked the grounds. Not much for WH stuff for sale, couple mower deck belt guards, hood and one round hood (702 maybe?) that may or may not have been for sale. Nobody to ask. Watched some tractor pulling till the heat started getting to me. Picked up a few inline fuel filters and of course the obligatory sausage/peppers/onions sandwich
  3. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    Not true! I did offer to buy you this which a vendor had for sale and if ya had a “flare-up” at the show you would be prepared
  4. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    @wallfish I’m going tomorrow morning, no tractors, just going to roam the aisles. If your little boo-boo tummy is up to it meet me there.
  5. Zagray Museum summer show 7/14-15 CT

    Well? Who went and what was bought??
  6. Price of Smores will be going up

    That’s why we switched foods this week around our fire pit. Strictly an economic decision
  7. Help identifying this machine?

    I see two shift levers so it’s an 8 speed. That hood decal wasn’t used on the 1978-1979 C series so it’s somewhere in the 1974-1977 range I think. Doesn’t narrow it down much, lots of possibilities there.
  8. Iola Car Show ‘18

    I’m hoping someday to have a 1964-1966 Chevy C10, shortbed, step-side. There just has to be one at the show your at!!
  9. A Work Horse Project

    I love having at least one non-red one in the group! Maybe it has #’s on the motor that could help with nailing down the year. This is mine, originally a GT-1600 8 speed.
  10. Wheelhorsegifts.com

    I’ve never heard of that site. Hmmm
  11. What is this tractor?

    If it’s a 12hp then it’s a C-125 Automatic.
  12. Wheel horse

    Tough to say, it’s a very custom tractor. The hood looks to be 1965-1969ish.
  13. Seat 'n' Saddle Sunday

    In actually not a fan of those seats. I prefer a hi-back seat.
  14. 953 with extended seat package lol!

    Good idea with the seat. I’m 6’1” and found my 1054 to be a bit “cramped” .