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  1. Howdy

  2. Mixed WH Feelings

    Well there ya go! You just answered your own question. Mike....
  3. Mixed WH Feelings

    I won't tell you what to buy, that's just personal preference. But I will ask...what's your plans for your next tractor purchase? Worker? Restored show machine? Something to putt around shows with? Maybe to flip for a profit? Just want the number of tractors you own to go up by 1? Both those tractors (all tractors actually) have their pro's and con's. Figure out why your buying it and your desision might be easier. Mike....
  4. Where YOU NEED to go to find Wheel Horse tractors

    No harm @Flynhrse . Simply put, the classifieds are for items that are for sale or for trade by the owners of said item or a wanted ad. Thats it. Your post about the auction didn't meet any of those criteria so it was deleted. Since what you wanted to do was make an announcement and give us all a heads-up it should be posted in the general forum under Wheel Horse Tractors, Other Brands or maybe even Non-Tractor Discussion. Mike....
  5. swisstrac, deck size

    I suppose it all depends on the size of the lawn to be mowed, the obstacles that need to be mowed around and also what size deck will fit thru your shed door. My shed will only accept a 42" deck for instance so if I owned a 520 it would be spinning a 42"er. Mike....
  6. $40 FIND

    Nice...you paid less than half! Mike....
  7. 2007 315 production

    I was always led to believe that both Wheel Horse and TORO have never divulged the production numbers except on the 420LSE. Mike....
  8. C161 opportunity ..

    The big single Kohler 👍 !! Of course you'll bring it home . Mike....
  9. 1990 310-8 with deck

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. 1997 312-8 with deck

    Changed Status to Closed

    Mike..... PS.. Thanks @AMC RULES for the translation!
  12. Part 2 of needing of one tractor.

    Sounds great! I love how you barely hit the key and it fired right up 👍 Mike....
  13. Wheel Horse Book, Straight from the horses mouth

    Just to be clear Dave, your selling the book correct? And the $149 is the selling price and not an auction starting price? Mike...
  14. 1990 310-8 with deck

    Changed Status to Pending
  15. 1997 312-8 with deck

    Changed Status to Pending