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  1. Suburban 400 plow time!!!

    Homemade or a factory blade? Or is it from some other brand of equipment?
  2. a fiery side project

    Very deceiving picture....it looks like it 6" x 6"...and maybe 8" tall. Nice detail!
  3. My Brother's Horses

    The new c-121 looks great! Well done @Mike hill
  4. C-145 Auto engagement lever

    I'm going to be a few thousand miles away from my C-145 for a few days, but late next week when I'm back I'll see what belt it has on it now (to satisfy my curiosity) and order the 108501. Thanks to everyone that helped out!
  5. C-145 Auto engagement lever

    The manual for a 1982 C-145 auto shows two drive belts... That sucks! Why would there be two possible belts? One is a 108501 and the other is a 108502. It seems like there is an inch or two difference in length between em 🤔. I wonder if my belt is the longer one? To late and dark to check, maybe tomorrow
  6. C-145 Auto engagement lever

    Idler is nice and tight. I just replaced if with a known good one off another BlackHood Auto. I’m thinking someone installed the wrong belt or an aftermarket belt.
  7. Is the hydro engagement lever supposed to drop all the way down? Once mine is down it’s sitting on the shift plate, can’t get my fingers under it to pull it back up. Wondering if my belt is to long maybe?
  8. My thoughts On preping and selling Wheel Horse Tractors

    "Looks like fricken brand new" I love that line right at the 1:19 point of the video. 👍
  9. Honey, I'm home!

    Welcome back!!
  10. Gt14

    Same basic motor, I think only the oil pan is differant. The GT is a solid mount and the C145 would be a rubber mount.
  11. I'm Baaack

    No cell and Internet sounds great! I swear I got way more done in a day before all these electronic distractions came along. Incredible view! I could chill out there for awhile for sure. Any good fishing spots close to it?
  12. Stone Boat Build

    Good grief! Do I need to build a puller now??
  13. Commando stack install

    Thanks Gary! It's quieter than the original muffler. The starter/gen on this one works perfectly, charges up just fine.
  14. Commando stack install

    The two I have are very light and I saw no reason to add support. The chrome piece is plumbing drain tubing and is a very light material. Did he make differant sizes? Maybe the ones you have are larger?
  15. Commando stack install

    Finally got around to installing one of the stacks I bought off @Aldon (thanks again!) at Stevebo's meet/greet. These are the smaller sized ones built by Bud Andews...perfect for a short frame tractor like my Commando 8. The old muffler looked ok but actually had rotted out on the bottom. The old exhaust pipe has been in the K181 since new so unthreading it was out of the question. I cut it off with a sawsall and then gingerly made two cuts on the inside till I could gently whack it with a chisel, collapse it and it then spun right out! Used a 6" nipple coming out of the block and a 3" for the vertical piece. Shot it all with hi-heat black and tightened it all up. Sounds great! Quieter than the old muffler, perfect for putting around shows.