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  1. 3rd party hosting

    Thanks Steve!!
  2. Harbor freight generator

    I quick search shows that Ebay has piles of Predator stuff available. Also found that Amazon had quite a bit as well but it was mosty 212cc stuff. I would think your gen has a bigger motor than that.
  3. The 81 d160

    Yep...that outa do it!!
  4. 1972 CG8

    I don't know of a chart or list that spells out what battery is for your machine. I would measure the battery box, make note of the positive and negative cable locations and hit up the closest NAPA, Tractor Supply or Wal-Mart and pick out a battery that fits with at least 300 cranking amps.
  5. Blackhood kinda weekend

    Very true on that dash tower thing. And the rubber cradle motor mounting setup "soaks up" a whole lotta vibrations. Maybe I'm an odd duck but after the BlackHoods I really like the gray Work Horse series. Not a Briggs fan but I love the gray/black color scheme. That's why I couldn't resist my GT1600 with a Kohler Mag transplant when I saw it up for sale!
  6. Blackhood kinda weekend

    I have a business trip kicking off tomorrow so not much time available to "wrench", but I did manage to swap the hood on the C-105 with one without rust and intact paint (and correct decals to boot!!). Installed a new rubber hood latch on the C-165 as well. That's gonna have to satisfy me until I return ☹️.
  7. Blackhood kinda weekend

    So I’m fond of the Blackhood tractors and this weekend brought in a couple new ones. The C-105 was a trade with a member here. Looks rough but runs real nice. The C-165 was found by my neighbor and he offered it up to me. It runs good but needs a few things (like they all do!) Pics....
  8. Happy Birthday, SALTYWRIGHT!

    Hope you enjoy your birthday Russ!
  9. First Haul of 2018

    Looks pretty mean with those rims and tires 😱 !
  10. What's In Your Mirror?

    Haha! They were all sneaking up on me trying to get a peek at the gem on my trailer 😁
  11. What's In Your Mirror?

    Did a little WH trading with another Red Square member this afternoon.
  12. Help Id this S/n whats the Model#

    Did you see the answer I gave you on Facebook? 1977 C-160 /8 speed. Must of had a tranny swap at some point in its life.
  13. Yes, that's the belt I'm referring to. With the demise of the few local Wheel Horse /TORO dealers near me I have resorted to ordering from on-line suppliers. Partstree...RCPW...Jacks Small Engine Warehouse....
  14. If the motor doesn’t skip a beat but the tractor seems to lose umph...I would check that the drive belt isn’t shot and that the clutch pedal return spring is in good working order.