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  1. What color

    Metal flake....thats funny. If it takes more than a spray bomb im probably not qualified
  2. What color

    Good point
  3. What color

    WOW....THATS A LOT OF INFO.....NOW THAT MY EYES A BLEEDING.....thanks guys ill post pictures soon and see who can pick out my choices (right or wrong)....thanks everybody
  4. Hi guys, what color is paint for a wheel horse? And where can i get it? I also want to buy some decals...any ideas... Thanks Larry
  5. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    Truth be told if it runs and does as it should i like it but i do have a favorite ride....guess which one
  6. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    Hey when the price makes you buy it...its all about making money ..
  7. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    That true but where does the green and yellow fit in
  8. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    Yes sir....aint stumped them yet. Nice bunch of toy freaks as my wife calls us
  9. Cant believe i bought a ford..

    Hi guys i bought a Ford walk behind Rototiller and it runs perfectly however i dont think, well i know the belts are on wrong. Any idea where i might find a little help? Series RT T4 Component 9607426 Serial YC00209 83222 FORD POWER REVERSE THANKS JUST IN CASE
  10. How long is my rod

    The best payment, for anything, is knowledge, and i can tell there's a lot to be learned here and i wouldn't want to mess that up....great sight guys....thanks
  11. How long is my rod

    I will be leaving all measurements up to the machinist. That why they make the BIG bucks
  12. How long is my rod

    Yes sir as far as i can tell the only thing thats been change was the electrical was upgraded and all engine tags are in tact
  13. How long is my rod

    No sir nothing broke just wore out like me.. And i sure hope i didnt offend anyone. Is most certainly was not my intention and if i did i apologize
  14. How long is my rod

    Thing is i need mesurements before i can order parts
  15. How long is my rod

    Thanks sarge....buy unfortunately thats my problem now just finding a good machine shop. I have a guy that done a lot motor cycle work for me but he wont do small engine work. So if anyone know of one around Kalamazoo Mi. Let me know.... And pictures well i dis just get started but heres one....thanks