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  1. Snow plows for gt-1142

    So any of those 5 that are listed after 06-42BC02 will fit it properly? Or any that replaced the 76-42BC01 will do?
  2. Hey guys, I own a 83 work horse GT-1142 and want to get the snow plow to use it strictly as a plow and pull tractor. Anyone know all the available snow plows that will fit it? Thanks gents, Brian
  3. Picture of gt 1142 engine

    Hey, thank you alot. That's exactly what I needed. That will make it a ton easier.
  4. Picture of gt 1142 engine

    Anyone have a close up picture of the pto/Mule side of their gt 1142 engine? Should be the briggs 11hp model 252417. I got a disassembled one and a close up picture would ensure I got it back right. Thanks!
  5. GT 1142 briggs 11hp lock up diagnosis

    I pulled everything out and all seems to be in order. Maybe something was stuck and I was able to get it to loosen up when I took it all apart?
  6. Hey everyone first time poster here, I am a little perplexed with the engine issue I recently had. While cutting the grass the other day my mower obviously began to overheat so I shut it off to let it cool off awhile. When trying to start it back up I heard a loud ping and the starter could not turn the flywhee. I checked the oil and it was low, but not at the danger level. I got down to the flywheel and realized it would only turn about a turn or turn and a half in either direction. Doing some reading on the forum here, I thought it would be a failed connecting rod. I pulled it all apart and got into the crank case and nothing was damaged. All the gears spun beautifully and there was no damaged metal. When I put the crank case back together the flywheel now spins indefinitely as it should. Any ideas as to what happened to make it lock up? Could it have anything to do with the lower oil point shutoff? Thanks, Brian