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  1. Welcome to red square, the most knowledgeable wheelhorse forum around. If you scroll through the forum I believe there is a instruction part of the forum on how to do stuff like this.
  2. Tag Id help needed.

    Mods if this is in the wrong section please move it. So I was out bush hogging for a friend today. I stumbled across what looks to be a to behind sprayer. The thing was covered In weeds so I left it in its place for the time being. I found this tag on it. I can’t really make much off of it so I figured I’d put it up here and see what happens. I’m going to ask my friend tonight what he wants to do with it. If he wants to move it I’ll pull all the weeds off of it and move with the tractor I was brush hogging with. If he wants to leave it I might pull the weeds off and get some pictures. -Tractorboy
  3. HELP !! What do I have ?

    as with @Retierd WrencherI agree with his opinion. That’s a very handy lift on the font. You’ll like that when you have to plow or push dirt around. -Tractorboy
  4. Sad day for shed but saved a Horse

    Sorry to hear that @Cee245. Any idea how it started??
  5. Old turd

    You could always use that blade for dirt??
  6. 520 xi Could Not Pass It Up

  7. Craigslist find

    @cafoose by chance could you post or pm me a better pic of that hitch and possibly if you take the ball oc could you see if the hole is factory size or did someone fab something to make that ball fit? -Thanks Tractorboy
  8. Craigslist find

    We all know the 312-8s are good workers if you don’t mind the Manuel lift. As @ebinmaine said the parts are worth at least the asking price. If I were you I’d buy it and tinker with it. If you can’t get it running you could always strip it down and sell parts off it.
  9. What do you have for a workbench?

    Perhaps you could tell me what a mechanic would be doing at a hospital?
  10. Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    @JAinVA what kind of setup do your use on the back of the tractor to harvest taters?
  11. How d'ya remove stuck wheel weights?

    If you don’t care about the rims or weights a pry bar jammed in between the two might make it easier to wiggle the two apart. Don’t forget to remove the nuts
  12. For you 300 Series lovers...

    I did see that. @dcrage was the channel name Daniel? Because there is a Chanel of that name wich has a ton of wheelhorse commercials. -Tractorboy
  13. Questions on buying 1987 312-8

    Hmm. For some reason I had it stuck in my mind that it would be roughly halfway in between the tank and carb. I’ll take a closer look.
  14. Questions on buying 1987 312-8

    @Ed Kennell you speak of a fuel pump. Where abouts should this be located as I have traced the fuel line completely from the tank to the carb and have not found anything. Would perhaps it be located inside the tank or inside the carb? Thanks, Tractorboy