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    1989 312-8 1987 bervac snow blower and 1990 42 inch dozer blade
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  1. PTO Pulley

    What kind of snow blower? single or two stage? Ber-vac or toro? And and of your !
  2. Where to start

    I would suggest change all the lubes, new filters, a good washing and maybe a new seat? And !
  3. Ber-vac snowblower

    Well I hooked up the old ber-vac blower to my trusty 312-8 and i cant even pick up the darn thing! I do have the lift assist springs but haven't bothered hooking them up yet. I think I need the turnbuckles,but I have no idea where to find them so any ideas?
  4. lift cable

    and !
  5. Yesterdays Haul

    what kind of truck is that? Ford f-350?
  6. help needed!

    Thanks for all the help. So i should disconnect the lights and replace?
  7. help needed!

    I got the headlights off the hood. there is a glass lenses covering in front of the bulbs. i was wonder as how to a individual would go about removing this glass lenses? Yes i have that kind of ground, but it worked fine before.
  8. help needed!

    Ive been trying to change the headlight bulbs on my 312-8. but i cant seem to get the glass cover off. So are these bulbs change able? And is there a reason for the headlights to not function if they are getting current? - Tractorboy
  9. Preferred snow plow blade edge?

    I think ill probably just use some flat stock with new holes. (i have some laying around) also any light sugesstions for my homemade weight bar?
  10. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    Is you father in-law a collector? or does he have a lot of land? Maybe in stead of selling it he'll let you keep it at his place in exchange for cutting the grass. then you both can use it!
  11. "hitched" 414-8

    ohh. did you melt them down?
  12. "hitched" 414-8

    Cool and where did you get the lead for the receiver?
  13. $40 FIND

    Lucky! I couldnt find any tire weights, so i made a weight bracket for the hitch that holds two zero turn weights! I know, but my phone is on the fritz so i will get some up as soon as possible!
  14. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    and if it were me, i would sell your new mower and keep the ! if you want to sell it though it depends on condition. Fix that flat tire! these tractors are great for any task, whether it be mowing, tilling or plowing snow! - tractor boy
  15. Preferred snow plow blade edge?

    No the edge is completly shot and the holes might be too.