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  1. The joy of cut safety switchs!

    Garry, this was on the right side of the battery with the three wires running to it. Should there just be the three or should there be six wires running to it? And I’m assuming this is the clutch petal switch you were referring to?
  2. MICE!!!!!!

    That must’ve been nasty. Fingers crossed on mine yet. Haven’t discovered any mice problems during this rewiring project.
  3. The joy of cut safety switchs!

    Thank you. I’ll probably pick up it up tomorrow. Well the toying around this afternoon got a result. The parking brake switch light now works on the test panel. @gwest_ca thank you for the diagram, it is coming in handy. Perhaps you could answer these two questions for me. 1. Is there supposed to be a wire going from the key switch directly to the battery? 2. Perhaps you would know the location of the pto and neutral switchs? I have looked all over the tractor and can’t locate them. Many thanks, Tractorboy
  4. So the 312-8 that I’ve been working on has a butchered harness. The tail lights are broken. The front ones are completely gone. And as the title states all but one switch is cut. Both fuses are going to get properly replaced. As for now I have a 20 and a 30 amp fuse in the slots. There should be a 15 and a 30 amp in the slots. According to the ampmeter on the tractor it is pulling a little bit over 12 Amps on the gauge. Haven’t checked when running. Besides these, as I dig deeper I find a lot of small stuff such as wirenuts holding stuff together, way too short connections and the infamous cut switch’s. I guess the whole reason of this post is these questions. 1. Can someone with another 312-8 take and post a pic of “test” switch as the leads on mine are disconnected and I’m not sure how to reattach them. 2. I’m assuming the seat switch is routers up through the pan through the hole for the tranie dipstick? 3. Finally any one know where I can get this part number for cheap? Part number- 111332. Thanks -Tractorboy
  5. 1984 C195 & 416-8 Restoration

    @stevebo when your done can I ship you my wheelhorse to restore? Jk 😀😀 -Tractorboy
  6. What tractor (out of your many) has this awesome attachment?
  7. B100 Fuel Tank

    I don’t know the Amish has gas engines!
  8. Need help fast!!!

    He did. I actually worked their for a summer when I was closer. So we are good friends.
  9. Need help fast!!!

    Okay. I took it to the toro dealer. He changed it in about 46 minutes. Thanks for the help, Tractorboy
  10. Need help fast!!!

    Basically the rim is stuck to the hub via the lug bolts. Mostly everything else moved freely. The hub moves freely with a little bit of oil. My question is should it come off with the oil and hammer or should I take it apart piece by piece.
  11. Potential 314-H owner, need some help

    That board must of cost you a pretty penny.
  12. Need help fast!!!

    So if it slides easily, I’m good to pound on the hub?
  13. You can't fix Stupid

    Did that on my 312, on the second time driving it also. Thankfully there was pad left so all I had to do was tighten the linkage a tad and the parking brake was better than before! -Tractorboy
  14. Wheel horse

    Are you thinking about selling it?