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  1. Found two Clintons for the RJ I'm working on, the older one is a 900 and it runs good, not sure what model the newer one is but it doesn't have spark, not sure which one I'll use yet.

    Thanks for looking.



  2. Thanks for looking, I have been working on the tractor, I have gotten most of it torn down, got new tires and hope to have it sand blasted soon, I do have another question, I found a serial or model number on the transmission next to the gear shifter, if it is a serial number can it give me some sort of clue what model year the tractor is? The numbers on the tag looks like D24-9, Thanks for looking again!
  3. Hi guys my name is Zac, I'm new to the forum and currently restoring my first Wheel Horse, I believe it is one of the late RJ models, (RJ-58 or 59) the serial tag is missing so I'm not sure (let me know what you think). Before it was given to me it was my great grandfather's and he was the original owner and he died before he could restore it, my grandmother had someone els work on the tractor but they lost most of the parts one the engine and never finished the job, thankfully didn't touch the rest of the tractor and she gave it to me and I am restoring it for her. The engine like I said was missing parts like the serial tag and flywheel guard and recoil and I can't tell what kind of engine it is, I know an original engine for a 58 or 59 is a Kohler K90 or Clinton B-1290 or the 498 Clinton, but my engine look nothing like either engines, the crankcase is a different style, I looked at other engines that came on Wheel Horses and I think it looks like a Lauson/Tecumseh H55B or D, take a look at the photos and if you can verify the model it would be great, it's probably not original so I am looking for an original Kohler or Clinton engine and if you have any suggestions on where to get one please let me know, Thanks for looking!