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  1. K181

    The fuel problem I found out when I put the remainder from a 20 Ltr jerry can into my car it would not start, the fuel was old and contaminated. I have tried the UK without success for rings, who would you say in the US? Terry
  2. K181

    Yes cured petrol problem but it actually was oil petrol mix, I have now removed the piston and put each ring back in turn and leveled each with the piston, the ring gapes are 1st compression ring 15thou, 2nd compression is 40thou and the oil scraper is 80thou or slightly more as as my feeler gauges only add up to 80 in total. I hope this is my problem, I think I will try a new set of std rings as there appears to be no other problem with cylinder and piston do you experts think the same? Thanks Terry
  3. K181

    Thank you Garry once again what would us novices do without you. The manual solves one problem I can forget. I still cannot get it to fire I have done so far. It turns over very smooth no knocks etc. Plenty of spark and fuel. Ground the valves and set the gap. Set the points gap. New plug. Set spark plug gap. New head gasket and others. Set the governor to the cross shaft spec as manual . I have 60Lb compression which goes up to 75Lb when engine is turned off. Have I missed something obvious? Help. Rgds Terry
  4. K181

    Hi all I am still having trouble to get my K181S to run, it started with suddenly pumping out white smoke,I mean a lot. I then took the head off reground the valves and adjusted the valve gap 17thou exhaust and 6 thou inlet, assembled it still not running spitting out petrol from the exhaust, I removed the head again to find petrol on top of the piston, what I dont understand is on the third stroke after compression the exhaust valve is lifting a few thou then closes before total TDC. What can make the exhaust lift a few thou when it shouldnt? I have downloaded the full service manual and cant find anything about this. Advice would be appreciated Rgds Terry
  5. K181

    Thank you maynard for your reply. I think I was looking at the valve to guide clearance. Rgds Terry
  6. K181

    Thank you very much Garry. Most of the information I needed I found, But I couldn't find how far the exhaust valve should lift on the second compression stroke, the reason I ask is before I found the correct valve stem cap which should be .006 I had reground the valve that every one I spoke to said the gap should be .015 which I did, but is WRONG so I am getting less lift by .010 how important is the gap on the lift? I hope some one can help. Thank you. Terry
  7. K181

    Hi Can any one help me with an exploded parts diagram of a K181 engine please. Thank you.
  8. Wheele

    Bearing in mind the wheel rims are 8" dia the distance between the rear and front of the rim is a massive 2cm tow out the only conclusion I have come to is at some time some one has replaced the tie bars with the wrong length ones, they were not adjustable and no weare in the ball and socket of the ends. I have now decides is to put new adjustable rod ends onto a new tie bar. Finding it difficult to find rod ends in the UK, may be cheaper to obtain from the US despite the postage cost .
  9. Wheele

    Thank you for your comments the tie rods will only fit one way as they are handed, I can’t see why you would need a tow in or out on this type of machine, I think with the wheels on it will be quite noticeable , I haven’t quite finished the wheels to be able to check. Thanks
  10. Wheele

    Hi all. Can any body help please, I am rebuilding my 211-3 and noticed the front wheel axles are not in a straight line but towing out, there is no adjustment on the ball joint assy as they are a fixed length 21mm is this correct? Many Thanks
  11. Please can any body tell me the original colour of the rear axle on a 211, is mine correct? Thanks
  12. Tyres

    Yes I want it mainly for snow, we don't get a lot but it will be handy to be prepared, I have looked on the web but cant find anything at the moment, not sure of the name of the material. Thanks again Ed.
  13. Tyres

    Thanks Ed, important information for me, I was going to use 10mm diameter quick links as in photo, can you tell me the material that is used in your last photo for the cross strap I like that idea and what terrain is that type best for.
  14. Tyres

    Thanks , I cant seem to find any at a price I can afford in the UK all about £100, I havnt seen any used ones for sale, I think they are in little demand over here unlike in the US. I am looking at some chain today 10 yds of it off a block and tackle, I will use 8mm quick links to make the joins, I hope it should be ok for little use. It looks Ed as if yours are about 10mm links.
  15. Tyres

    Hi I want to make chains for the rear wheels on my 857, the tyre size is 8.50 x 12- 23 can you advise how many chains you would use across the tyre and how far down the tyre would you put the holding circular chain? Thank you.