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  1. '75 C-160 Lift Lever -repair or replace ?

    While it's apart waiting for new used lift arm decided to take front wheel off as it had lots of wobble. outer bearing toast -but also noticed lots of play in axle bore -could fit a .30 feeler gauge in gap . can this be re-bushed or is that normal ?
  2. '75 C-160 Lift Lever -repair or replace ?

    Thanks for all the input - I never would have guessed that's how the factory assembled the lift lever . As per elcamino's advice I removed the non-slip foot pads and was glad to see all solid metal underneath
  3. '75 C-160 Lift Lever -repair or replace ?

    Thank you Elcamino ! I have had lots of fun with this horse so far -those non-slip pads are coming unglued from all the diesel fuel I have been showering on the tractor loosening up the grime -about 4 gallons so far -I don't have a pressure washer so it's spray and bake in the sun -lol I will take your advice and peel them off and see what lays beneath -but if it's solid as the other side I took off to get at the drive pulleys I was surprised how heavy the metal was -good American steel ( I hope ) i didn't know the seat was anything special - I do like the armrests -the wheel weights are heavy -was glad I didn't drop one on my foot-👀didn't weigh them but they are deep -I think they my touch the back of the rim - I am surprised how easily this horse can be pushed under my own steam -I ran out of gas driving around the buildings here and had to push it good way back -😳
  4. '75 C-160 Lift Lever -repair or replace ?

    Thanks Alton -I'll take your advice on Daves deal-still wondering if the factory welded this on -if so I don't see how you could get the block off that has a thin bushing to service it - the other side has a block that you could probably get to the bushing
  5. Hello to all -I recently bought a '75 C-160 8speed and found this forum-what a great resource for the new to me wheel horse needing some TLC. It came with a deck with spindle ripped out of the middle and a box of spare parts- $200 for all. It started and drove on the trailer and when we got it home would barely start as raw gas was pouring out of the air cleaner . After lots of scrubbing and soaking with diesel fuel and simple green most ft he grime came off- Next was flush and fill engine and trans oil and replacing carb with similar carter from a cub cadet waiting to get some love Now its running well and not as grimy so next is plan to put a plow on her-found a 48" and brackets to mount to rear axle, so far so good -BUT- now I realize that my lift lever is roached It came out easy enough-but it looks like the PO at some point broke it and welded it back together -and it doesn't look like it will go back together as parts don't line up well . Does anyone know if there should have been a groove and clip to attach this at the end of the shaft ? Any opinions on try to fix this one or look for new one ? Thanks !