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  1. Hi. I just decided to do a bit of maint. on the ole horse( 77 B80 with 8 horse Kohler). Changed the oil, greased, added new spark plug and new coil wire. Started right up and ran perfect. mowed for about an hour then I shut her down . Came back about half hour later hit the key, not even a click. checked connections etc. jumped across solenoid and started turned over but No Spark. tried old coil wire still no spark. Any ideas?
  2. Hi, Just picked up a 1977 b80 8speed. pulled transmission dip stick (under seat) and very low. I noticed what appears to be fill plug on lower left. Is this to fill or to drain? Do you fill thru dipstick opening? Any idea on type of lube is best and how much it holds? Figure I might as well drain and refill at this point. Totally new to Wheel Horse but always loved looks of b80, finally got one and don't want to wreck it. Any helpful info, tips and things I should look for much appreciated.