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  1. I'll pass that along. And TY sirs. I just noticed that little gif on everyone's posts oh and I wanted to mention before i forgot that the information Werner had was very incomplete. They didn't have any dimensions, component part numbers or anything on their drawings. I can get that stuff usually but in this case since Wheel Horse was bought out I'm assuming that stuff was all kept in house and was proprietary. Being as it was, I'm sure its lost now. If i am able to i'll mic the shaft/clutch and see what I can do.
  2. So been doing some digging in my free-ish time.. clutch number, 9656, has a Werner part number (from Toro Tech) of i-5208-271-001. I spoke with a gentleman at Werner who said that that clutch has been discontinued for some time and that the pulley was special, as pfrederi said, specific to wheel horse. Last one they sold was over 5 years ago. I'm on hold as we speak with a distributor that, I'm hoping, will have one sitting on a self collecting dust. Appreciate everybody's help. I will suggest rebuilding to him and I'm going to point him to this site. And.....struck out with the distributor so no possible way to get a new clutch worth a try.
  3. I actually work at a lawn and garden dealership. A friend of mine is trying to restore his GT-14 and he needs a clutch. Toro's IPL are incomplete but I managed to find the pdf for the parts list elsewhere. I came up with a number of 9656 for the electric clutch which subbed to a 101473; both of which are discontinued. So here is my question... Does someone out there have the manufacturers number for that clutch. I have access to about 30 different manufacturers so i could probably find a clutch that would work but most of them don't publish shaft sizes in an intelligible format. With the manufacturer's number I could probably easily substitute it. Any help is greatly appreciated - this sight has helped me in the past, personally and professionally so I know if anybody can help it will be you guys. Thanks, Ael