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  1. 2018 Group Photo; please identify yourself.

    #23 is Wheelhorse427 Aidin
  2. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I like that idea stevasaurus That might be the easiest thing to do and it will get all the tight spaces that I can't get my fingers into
  3. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I'll see what I can get at the hardware store or online maybe try the diesel
  4. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    http://www.axaltacs.com/content/dam/NA/HQ/Public/Cromax/Documents/TDS/CX-TDS-3919S-Eng.pdf this?
  5. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    Ok thank you Should I wash it off with the hose when I'm done to get rid of the diesel, or will it evaporate like gas?
  6. What do you guys recommend for degreasing a K181, but saving the original paint. Pressure washer? I have the engine mostly apart right now to clean and put on new gaskets/seals. I have been using Windex and paper towels, but it takes a really long time that way.
  7. Wheel horse plethora

    Sorry to hear about the embezzlement Dave. I have bought several items from you before. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.