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  1. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    Yes a single red bullet style rear tail light. I bought the replacement rear lense, both front headlight lenses and orings and the replacement ivory throttle and choke knobs from glen pettit and had very few dollars invested. Thank you glen!!!!
  2. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    The best I can tell they were some sort of vintage trailer lights. It was painted black so I had to paint it but easy to make it work. Guess it would be good to mention that it was a two wire light and the factory wheel horse light was a one wire light so I just had to ground it.
  3. The 1054 is home

    Very nice tractor! Looks very complete! Serial number like bob said is on your shift pattern decal in front of shifter.
  4. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    Alright, just an update in case anyone else is looking for these light housings. Like I said before, I have been searching for one of these for about a year. I have been searching for a wheelhorse specific part. I ended up looking on the side of the one that I did have and it is made by dietz. Light number 107. So I started to search for one of those. I found one in Texas from a "light guy". $24 sent to the house. It fit perfectly but here is the only difference. It was made with a cut out in it for a license plate light and takes a slightly different bulb. I just painted the clear plastic silver and otherwise you can't tell a difference. It fits the hole in the grill and the wheel horse lenses snap right onto it. It will work good and get us to our local tractor show this weekend with a complete tractor!
  5. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    ThAnkyou travelin. It was my great granddads and I am currently finishing it up for my 4 year old son. Just got the front end back today from the machine shop. It was totally worn out and sloppy. It was brazed many times to hold it together but I finally decided to have it done right.
  6. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    Got ahold of Lincoln today from a-z tractor. Great guy! He has a set for the early 953 but not a set for the later ones and the 1054. So I am still on the hunt if anyone else has suggestions they would be appreciated! Thanks again all!
  7. 953 / 1054 headlights (ISO)

    Great ! Will do
  8. I am almost finished redoing a 953 that has been in my family since very early in its life. I have been searching for the factory headlight housings for appx 1 year. Hoping to make its first show at the end of this month but I cannot locate these darn housings. Any one have ideas. I did buy new lenses off of glen but no housings to put them on. Thanks in advance For any help!
  9. James, the 953 looks great! What size and brand rear tires do you have on it? They look great!