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  1. Need D-250 Tranny Help

    Wow! I feel like such a dumb-dumb. I received the original service manual with the tractor and (some how) overlooked the entire section on the transaxle. Thanks for the wake up call. I think I need to take up drinking. I'll look at it tomorrow. It's time for the burgers & grill. Thanks Garry. Actually, you did provide the answers for me. Bill A Retiree & 50 years with my Red Horses 8 in the stall currently
  2. Need D-250 Tranny Help

    I need some transaxle help with a D-250 I just bought. Wasn't running when I bought it, so I couldn't test drive it. Had been sitting for 3 years. It's a manual tranny and it appears to be stuck in low speed range. I haven't been able to find any pictorial blow-ups on the net, so I'm looking for someone that has been inside these gearboxes. The engine driveshaft connects to the spline shaft in the front of the gearbox. This spline shaft come thru a cover plate bolted to the front of the transaxle assembly. There is also a slide bar sticking out the front of the cover plate. This is actuated by the high/low speed selector. The slide bar has a bracket welded to the end of it, so it must be removed with the cover plate. I believe the slide is seizing in the cover. I tried soaking it with PB Blaster for a few days, but it didn't help. Maybe there's an o-ring in the bore. I don't know without a parts blow-up. Am I working in the right direction? Anyone been inside one of these beasts? I've been sorta holding off until I have a better working knowledge of it. I did try to search the Gutbrod name in Germany. Didn't find anything useable. If all else fails, I'm in need of a replacement manual transaxle. A little help please!