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    Indy w h (New Richmond,In)
  1. 15 inch tires?? Ag - Turf?

    I've got a set of NOS 27-15's I'd sell you with rims if your interested
  2. Hydro lift pump

    Hey old red rider. I sell kits for the Hy pumps and might have a spring Send me a message and we can go from there
  3. My new 702

    I'm glad you like it Clay !! There's a few tractors left if your interested in buying anymore. @ Stevasaurus I told ya Steve that there all going up for sale !! I've had enough and it's time to move on !!
  4. Exhaust Port inner threads bad

    Karl There just standard pipe thread
  5. Portland Indiana swap meet pics

    4 days of 70's and 80's was the weather !! It's the first year that there was no rain in sight !!
  6. Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    Get here early decksetter !! I'll be pulling out around 1 pm
  7. Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

  8. Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    I'll be taking kohler engine parts , re-coils , tins , heads , blocks , 701 parts , re-build kits for the HY-2 & 3 pumps , cylinder kits , Tecumseh engine parts , re-coils , tins , a set of C-175 front rims and tires with tie rods , mower decks , gauge wheels , some double "D" spindles , 702 dash tower W / HY-2 lift arm , ETC,ETC let me know what your needing
  9. Help ID Wheelhorse 552?

    It's not a 552 Like TT says it could be a 633
  10. Who's going to Portland,in swap ??

    It's getting close !!! Time to start loading the trailer !! If your looking for any parts let me know !!
  11. HY -2 & 3 belt guard

    I sent you a PM Little Red
  12. it's only about a month away !! I'll be there with less than usual. If anybody needs round hood parts '61-'64 (no ball burners) ask away !! I'll also have the 1 piece hydraulic lift lever NLA oil seals and the HY -2 & 3 rebuild kits Along with the lift cylinder rebuild kits Don't be afraid to ask me to see if I have what your looking for !!
  13. Need an ID off evilbay

    Looks like a 702 that had the HY-2 on it
  14. 1045 ID plates

    Now Scott how do you know that's the one I'm looking at ?????
  15. 1045 ID plates

    Thanks everybody !!