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  1. D200 fuel problem

    Getting fuel to the pump and the shutoff isn't closed only have to make that mistake once 😂 and it isn't clogged because I started to drain the old fuel from there. I poured alittle gas directly down the carb and it ran for about 5-10 seconds thinking that it might kick in the fuel pump but it didn't but on the other hand it ran good 😂
  2. D200 fuel problem

    Hello again so now that I got my d200 wiring temperately figured out I moved on to the fuel system. The tractor has been sitting for about 3-4 years with gas in it so you can imagine the condition of the gas/water was in. I took the gas tank off and gave it a thorough cleaning the stuff coming out of it was more muddy water than it was gas. So after cleaning that out the best that I could I replaced the fuel lines and fuel filter going up to the Carburator but there was still no gas going to the carburator. So I sepected the fuel pump to be the issue so I replaced the fuel pump and still nothing. At that point I thought that I would take the bowl off the carb to see what condition the carb was in and that turned into taking the carb off and giving it a deep clean witch I should have done in the beginning. But I still don't have any fuel going to the carburator so I don't know if I'm missing something simple like a ajustment screw on the carburator or something so if one of you guys can think of something to try let me know. Thanks
  3. wiring questions

    Hello again So I solved my wiring problem on my d200 and got it to to crank over all the time now by simply running a wire from the start post on the key switch directly to the solinoid as a temporary solution just to get the tractor running. Eventually I would love to fully restore the tractor including rewiring the interesting wiring done by the previous owners so I was wondering what gauge of wire would have come stock on the tractor for the general wiring.
  4. Wiring problem

    Ok thanks @KC9KAS I'll give that a try I appreciate the help
  5. Wiring problem

    Hello So recently I have acquired one of my dream tractors which is a Wheel Horse D200. The tractor has been sitting for about 3 years. I put a new battery in it and it made a noise but didn't turn over. There was a wire hanging with a fuse holder hanging down by the key switch that was broken so I fixed that by getting a new wire with new connections on both ends, after doing these repairs the tractor turned over but not every time you would turn the key. I thought it was a solinoid so I got a new one and it is doing less than it was so, then I thought it was the key switch so I got a new one and it is still doing nothing. I checked all of the wires and they appear to be ok I replaced some of the end connectors to the ones that looked alittle rough but still nothing. There is power going to the solinoid and the switch and the lights work. The worst of it is when it was turning over those cupola times I put alittle gas down the carburetor and it fired up so I think it will run once I get this wiring sorted out. Any help would be appreciated.