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  1. Why am I so careless?

    Thay make a filler called rim guard it has more weight than the other stuff most stuff is 8 to 9 lb. A gallon Rim guard is 11 lb. A gallon just a thought
  2. 20170616_204053.jpg

    Lucky I guess tough old tractor
  3. 20170616_204224.jpg

    Thanks we are both up and running again. It took the worst of it I jump off tie rod were fine bent steering plate just bent it back and lined it up
  4. What's the story with this??

    I posted with one of the pics ACman think it's with the 2nd pic Really it didn't take much to fix a crow bar and hammer. It bent the plate on the steering shaft. Tie Rods were fine.
  5. 20170616_204224.jpg

    Thanks we are both up and running again. It took the worst of it I jump off
  6. 20170706_212547.jpg

    Still needed a bath in this pic. Mud clear up to the headlights. That's how far it stood on it's nose not much damage there. One tuff tractor. What do u think a big box store tractor would look like after That? LOL
  7. 20170616_204053.jpg

    No it did not just bent the plate on the steering shaft . Bent it back down with a crow bar and a hammer cheep fix. Never even bent a tie rod.
  8. Hydro Foot Pedal

    Mattd860 sells a kit on here go to vendors he is there I just bought one for my 520-h there is also a video of the install there
  9. 20170616_204053.jpg

    I am fine I saw what was happening and jump off on the top of the hill. The hand controls got me in this trouble was cutting around a rock bench seat as the front started down hill a little bit it sped up some. I went to slow it down but was looking at the bench to stay as close as I could. Hit the hand controller pushing it forward. Pulled it back but was to late had to jump to safety and let it go
  10. 1991 520-H

    What not to do