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  1. Whats the easiest way to get the belt on my snow thrower? the pulley next to the blower itself. Their has to be an easier way the removing the pulley itself. Got the c165 and a single stage blower. having a hard time finding a belt as well. model number on blower is not very readable. forgive me for not having a lot of info.
  2. My C-165. Thanks to all you guys for helping me. My carb problem seemed to be a simple fix. Just fabbed up my stack. Dam she's sexy... lol
  3. I need a carb

    so they sent me this message. anybody know which version of the carb I will need to order. Item number 351766615184 is the carb and ad shows the long skinny choke lever but we also have it with the small triangular shape for same price. Just let me know which one you want if you order! Thank you
  4. I need a carb

    Thanks guys for the open arms. I bought this tractor on a whim, and now its being a pain in my butt... lol perhaps Im not doing this right, but I;m having a hard time locating a carb. The info I have is kohler 16hp cast iron line spec. no 71311.... model K??1AS serial #13137375
  5. I need a carb

    first horse guys... Got a black hood C165 8 speed with the 16hp Kohler. where can I find a oem carb I believe its the carter 30. if any knock off carbs get the green light from you guys I'll gladly take a look at them.