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  1. D160 repower?

    As tempting as your offer sounds I’m going to have to decline at this time. Lol.
  2. D160 repower?

    Great thank you!!
  3. D160 repower?

    Thanks for all the input. I’ll have to dig in to the Onan a bit and start looking for parts. If it lasts a season or 2 then that gets me closer to having my d 200 done then I can figure out a long term solution for the 160
  4. D160 repower?

    Another thought I had, my parts tractor had an Onan twin from a later year 160, maybe a 77. While it runs it still needs some help. Doesn’t have the right carb, someone welded on harley exhaust pipes, etc etc. I know the Oman’s were less desirable and more expensive to rebuild but it runs. Or would a replacement 341 still be a better option
  5. D160 repower?

    I thought about another 341 for it but was thinking about something a bit more modern since my wife uses it a few times a week. A good 341 will probably be the easiest way to go with out having to engineer and fabricate a bunch of stuff
  6. D160 repower?

    So I was out plowing with my 74 d—60 the other morning, nothing major, just some light powdery stuff so I wasn’t working it to hard. About a half hour in the single Koehler exploded. Scared the hell out of me since it sent parts flying. I’m figuring it’s going to be a lot more to find a donor block, crank, machining, etc then to just repower it. Im just looking to see what other people have repowered their d series with and how much engineering goes into it. I was sort of leaning toward a newer Honda or commercial Briggs or something along those lines. Any input is helpful. Thanks guys. As a side note, I do have a d 200 that is in retting restored and I plan on plowing and mowing with that when it’s done, So if the 160 is a lost cause then it is what it is, but my wife likes the belly mower on and isn’t afraid to use it. And the rest of the tractor is solid in good running order.
  7. K 532 coil

    Does anyone know where to get a reasonably priced coil for a k 532 kohler. The cheapest I've found is e bay for roughly $58 plus $14 shipping. All the way up to $325. It seems the last coil I got was around $30 but it was just a standard coil. I know this one is a little more involve. Maybe that's just what the price is for this one.
  8. can't pull front wheel off!

    That could have been bad. Luckily mine didn't pop like that
  9. D 200 rebuild kit

    I have a 74 d 200. I believe that is the k 532. Does anyone know where to source a rebuild kit for the motor. I'm looking for the master gasket set and probably rings. Don't know what else would come in the kit. I took the tractor to the local trade school for a full restoration, but I have to provide the parts. Not a big deal except I can't seem to locate the engine kit through the usual routes, e bay, local mower shop etc. any help is appreciated
  10. can't pull front wheel off!

    I had a lot of trouble getting the rear wheels off my d 200. I ended up getting a harbor freight bottle jack and a piece of 4x4. With one side still on I used the jack and wood to push the wheel off from the back side. Put the wheel back on and used it to push the other one off. It did take 3 hands to do it but it was fairly quick once I started putting pressure on it with the jack
  11. D series pump rebuild

    What about deep scoring, do those polish out the same as light scratches? Sounds great. My direct email is sagaser1213@hotmail.com.
  12. D series pump rebuild

    It sounds pretty involved but I'm sure once I've done it that it isn't as bad as it looks
  13. D series pump rebuild

    So my guess is the fluid bypasses around the score marks. Are the plates replaceable?
  14. soooo when I bought my 74 d200 the old man told me the pump was getting weak. Me being the skeptic that I am figured it probable needs a good fluid change and shift lever adjustment. I hate to admit, while those did help, the old man was right. The pump is getting weak. I have another off my parts tractor but I'm unsure if it's internal condition. Does anyone know who rebuilds those or if a rebuild kit is available. The tractor is supposed to be going to the local trade school soon for a rebuild/ restore and figured that would be the perfect time to get the pump rebuilt but I'm not sure where to source the rebuild kit from. I talked to a local hydraulic shop and he said he isn't to familiar with that sunstrand pump, his labor rate was 150 per hour and he said he would have more than 6-8 hours into it. I figured there has to be a cheaper option while not sacrificing the quality of work. Any help would be great. Btw I'm in ravenna (akron) Ohio if that helps.
  15. D200

    Would you entertain 1600