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  1. Loader oil squirt

    OK lets start back at square one. You said you changed some hoses ...... was this one hose at a time replaced where as you would not get the connecting ends crossed ? The hoses were replaced maybe because they were coming apart internally ? Possible pieces of broken hose are still in the system causing a blockage. How did the ram cylinders work, was there a direction of the control valve that rams did not work ? Trace back the hoses and check. MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT HAVE THE BUCKET LIFTED HIGH UP IF REMOVING A HOSE AND MAKE SURE IT IS SUPPORTED ! Like noted from the other members either the fluid level is too high ....... or cross hoses or debris is blocking a hose or control valve. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  2. clutch spring

    Any thing that is in the way of installing a spring remove it. Some where in my garage is a hook type tool that I used for installing the clutch spring, it ain't easy to get the spring hooked on the rear casting hole on the transmission. (on my pulling Wheel Horses I would twist the spring a few times with the tool for extra tension) The strut as your calling it actually prevents unwanted wheelies as it slows down the return of the clutch pedal linkage so not to engage the drive belt too fast, a good safety feature. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  3. Wheel Horse Trailer

    OK Craig now your keeping me from bed time ..... but for you ok. Wheel Horse did make two other sheet metal carts, I believe the first one had a "U" shaped tube that supported the bottom of the cart and connected to the axle and sold with the 1955 to 1957 Ride Away series. The second type used the bar stock for support which is the one you pictured, it should also have a lift up tail gate (easy to make). The 1958 dump cart also had the same frame but had a slanted back. The sheet metal 1962 LTD -242 used a "T" type frame support and the same for the LTD-243. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  4. Unexpected 603

    The Wheel Horse model 603 was a economy based unit built with out the rear fenders, under seat tool box, cover for the parking brake and was not electric start. The engine was a 6 hp Tecumseh that used the aluminum block (H-60). But the real unique features of the 603 model was the half moon steering wheel and the plastic throttle and choke lever knobs which were only found on the 1963 model 603. Because the 603 was a cheaper model and so exclusive it has because one of the most coveted collector models. Notice though the full round hood as it was first introduced on the 603 as apposed to the other round hoods that had a cut away in the back for the fuel tank. This hood was then used till 1968 in the Lawn Ranger series but also used on the 654. LUCKY FIND ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  5. Wheel Horse Trailer

    Don, The Wheel Horse dump cart LTD-244 you have came out in 1964, the previous model the LTD-243 was welded sheet steel type with no rounded edges. The LTD-244 you have was made some time during 1965 or later, you can tell this by the data plate that is missing on the front of your cart but left a imprint as Wheel Horse started to use the metal data plate in 1965. In 1964 was the last year Wheel Horse used a decal with the serial number. If my eyes are seeing correctly you have the red axle hub caps, if so then your LTD-244 was made after 1968 of when Wheel Horse came out with the red cap with wheel and horse logo on them. Wheel Horse used both the LTD-244 dump cart or a snow plow blade as a incentive give away to purchase a tractor. You have a dump cart in good shape, take a look on the back edge for lip on the rail. This lip is to help you dump a load of dirt when backing up the cart because the lip will dig into the ground and help tip the cart. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA

    Well there was the time while in California I stopped in at the Wheel Horse dealer in Lodi, California to see if there really was a RJ-58 there like I had heard (they also had a 701 and some D series of which they had been a Wheel Horse dealer for long time). The owner let me rummage through his parts department and I purchased quite a few rare parts including some HY-3 pieces (all still in original parts envelopes). Him and his wife then took us out to In and Out Burger for lunch . Not sure about the distance but from Richmond VA it's a long ride. Wild Bill in Richmond VA
  7. L-105 H60 Governor Help Needed

    OK this ain't gonna be easy but first off the small linkage arm that is shown on top of the muffler that has a 5/16 hex head bolt with screw driver slot is also adjustable. So you can have some wiggle room for mistakes. Do you know if the plastic governor drive gear is still in one piece ? They have a habit of breaking when the throttle cable is hooked directly up to the carburetor throttle shaft. You will have to pull the side cover off to find this out. There also several hole in the throttle arm to hook the link up to. I will take a look during the day light to see if I can get a length on the rod for you. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  8. Gift Horse

    Admittedly I have had a more then one Wheel Horse dropped off at my house for me to keep BUT as far as having a good neighbor ........ well let me tell ya' a story about mine. For 10 years now this neighbor has been calling the county about me for frivolous reasons such as my L-82 Corvette that was in my driveway the license was out of date and the window trim on my house was rough looking. Small things I know but when the complaint to county was about all the Wheel Horses in my back yard of which was not against any county laws but I was told to do something about them. Now the young man from the county that was checking on this issue knew about Wheel Horses because he has his grandfathers Wheel Horse and wanted to fix it up (what other house could he stop at for that kind of information or parts). He told me to take all the tractors out and he would come by to make sure the yard was clean and take pictures of everything gone for his files. Then I had to put up a privacy fence, yes folks at 7 feet tall ain't many guys in the NBA that can see over this fence ! Now these tall fences ain't cheap either as it cost me over $5000 and this was at Christmas time too. For tractor storage while the fence was being built I had to take load after load of Wheel Horses 3 counties away to keep at a friends house to get them out of sight . Once everything was done with the fence I brought them all back home of which this took a total of 6 weeks. So ifn's ya' got a neighbor who is willing to give a you a Wheel Horse watch out for the one who want to take them away. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  9. Wheel-Horse Tractor Covers

    Craig , Somewhere in my stash is a original Wheel Horse lettered plastic tractor cover .... still in it's original plastic bag. When I remember how to post pictures I will post a picture. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA

    OK here's what's interesting Norm Steinman from Bourbon , IN who had a Wheel Horse dealership had a similar set up for Christmas parades. As I remember it had links to the tie rod ends for steering and used one hydro tractor to pull three gear drive tractors. I wanted to purchase the set up but feel in love with RS-83 Senior he had instead which is now in my collection. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  11. 2018 WHCC Show

  12. 1067 Serial number

    Wheel Horse serial number record keeping was done in a strange way with the use of colors and many books. There only a few Wheel Horse serial models that we are knowledgeable about, the first being the RJ-58 and RJ-59 of which 22,500 were made over 2 years, the 1964 model 754 with it's 7 hp Kohler (421 were made and had a specific serial number range) and from my studies the 1968 500 SPECIAL (of which there was two production runs of this model, the first run had the number "6" representing the hp on the crossed checkered flag decal and the second just used the crossed checker flags). The 1067 built in 1967 is a neat tractor ! Wild Bill in Richmond VA
  13. Trans oil capacity for a 1960 suburban 400?

    Try to get 85w-140 weight gear oil and install 1-1/2 quarts through the gear stick opening. The factory original amount was 1 quart but this found not to be enough when operating on the slant of hills. The thick gear oil also helps take up some up some of the slack from worn gears. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA
  14. Picked up a 1054

    If's ya' install a hydro ........ DON'T THROW THAT 953'S OLD TRANSMISSION OUT !!!. The 1963 Wheel Horse Model 953 used the UNDRIVE that has "spider type" (automotive) differential gears and are very hard to come by. (Notice I do not use the word "RARE" but in this case yup those gears are RARE) Wild Bill in Richmond VA
  15. L-165 Spark Problem

    Hard to tell from the picture angle but is there rust build up on the coil edge and magnet ends and have you checked the points gap ? I think the points set at .017 and is the crank shaft cam for the points worn ? I've always said ifn's Tecumseh doesn't start it must say B&S on the fan shroud ! Wild Bill in Richmond VA