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  1. I hope this post question will be excepted in this part of the forum. It is almost impossible to get a picture of the South Mountain Fairgrounds showing all of the Wheel Horses in attendance on the ground .... but does anybody have experience with photography with a flying drone ??? Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  2. There was a WHAT .... WHERE ???

    HA HA ... Your right Buzz ....... and some how I keep a runnin' into them unwanted snakes. Here's that story, Years ago in the early years of the Annual Wheel Horse Show there used to be a old white painted cinder block rest room and of which I felt the need to use ..... well just as I was about to step over block opening I noticed a snake up on the top of the door way ...... I thought geez some joker put a rubber snake up there BUT then the snake MOVED ........ I went into reverse so fast that my foot never set on the ground in the building ! Finding Don Kane I lead him to the bathroom with out telling him why (Don is a big time hunter and I figured he should know what to do), he was a little nervous wondering why I wanted him in the outhouse. Don saw the snake put on some gloves and tossed the vermin out into the woods. Buzz do ya' suppose the this years snake was a great grandchild of that outhouse snake ??? Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  3. While I was walking through the one swap meet barn I run up on a conversation around a Wheel Horse that was for sale ..... and it didn't sound right. I knew the one guy was the seller but the other folks really didn't seemed to be buyers. Well it turned out the real interest about the tractor was that a snake had crawled up into the air fan shroud of the Kohler when the seller opened the hood ..... and it didn't come back out ! (now ifn's the engine had been a Tecumseh the snake would'a been too scared to do that). Lucky for me I realized I had business to attend to in another building! The snake eventually crawled out and went away. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  4. Jrblanke's Big Show Pics

    I am really glad you got a picture of the kids still driving the Wheel Horses in the rain ! Towards the end of the Cruise Night when it started to rain some people tried to call us in for a rain delay ...... I told a bunch of the kids that were still out there cruising with me that "mom ain't out here to tell us go in so were gonna keep right on playing" ! Well me and the 6 speed Lawn Ranger ended up having to tow a stranded hydro tractor pullin' a dump cart up to the main building to get them out of the rain of which at this time the clouds just poured water on us. Once inside we saw 4 kids still out there on their Wheel Horses just cruising in the rain ! Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  5. Good score on the oil bath air cleaner for Kohler k-91, when I restored my RJ-35 15 years ago a person had to almost sell their soul to find one of those. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  6. Featured Tractor 2018 Big Show

  7. I Love A Parade!

    Thank You for the complement. Friday's parade tied a previous years record of 2-1/2 hours long, if the little bit of rain sprinkles didn't come down towards the end we would have broken the record for length of time the parade took. Uh Oh yeah on a side note please let Bob Maynard know that a complete Wheel Horse is needed for the parade. ( Bob I was looking the other way when you and Darren pulled the "just a steering wheel in the parade" gag on me .... I loved it and so did the crowd) Wild Bill in Richmond, VA.
  8. Mrs. Rules' Big Show Picts 2017

    I have been trained to have a keen eye of my surroundings and when it was noticed that a blonde haired woman was taking a lot of pictures in my direction during the parade I thought ...... well I am registered with the Bureau of Homeland Security (in a good way folks ... a good way!) so she must have interest in what is going on here at the Wheel Horse Show. So I figured you might just want the full history of the Wheel Horse Show and I hope I delivered. You took some great pictures that captured the feelings of the families going through the parade and attending the Wheel Horse Show ........ just look at all the smiles ! Quick story for you and Craig .... on the way home we stopped in Gettysburg for dinner and some folks parked a pick up truck towing a AMC Javelin on a trailer near my truck and trailer full of Wheel Horses . When they got out they started to check out the Wheel Horses ..... and then the guy boasted out to me "Ya' know American Motors owned Wheel Horse" ....... I pulled down my eye glasses a little and looked over them and proceeded to tell what year the merger was, what AMC car model (Matador)and Wheel Horse tractor models had the same hood design along with a few other details of the merger ...... he didn't know who he was messing with ! It was nice talking to you. Wild Bill in Richmond, VA