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  1. C-125 Won't Fire

    Tried again but just turns over and doesn't fire.
  2. C-125 Won't Fire

    Fuel spurs out of the pump. I started it and it went for a good minute but I had to balance the choke constantly and it was just throwing white smoke out everywhere, you could barely see anything. Also there was some type of liquid running out of the exhaust and carb which I pretty sure was fuel.
  3. C-125 Won't Fire

    I will check if the fuel spurs out tomorrow.
  4. C-125 Won't Fire

    Before it broke it got cross-threaded so we bought a helicoil kit and did that, and it worked fine. Now we found that when we sprayed the fuel starter it seemed to seep out of the helicoil type bush that attaches onto the spark plug.
  5. C-125 Won't Fire

    Yes it finally started.... Then it cut off again probably because I for some reason turned the choke off after I got it going. There was some fluid slowly seeping out of the spark plug hole so I tightened it and put some lock-tight on the thread, will update on how it goes tomorrow. Might be a fuel issue.
  6. C-125 Won't Fire

    We have cleaned and re-set the points with a feeler gauge and I will try spraying starter fluid down the carb once again, thanks.
  7. C-125 Won't Fire

    Just filed down the points and we are getting a much stronger spark than before but still doesn't start so I'm going to look at the fuel again.
  8. C-125 Won't Fire

    Thanks for the help will look later today! Seems like were a bit mislead at the start.
  9. C-125 Won't Fire

    Took of the air shroud and tried looking for the markings. Would this be a T marking, it was the strongest marking I could see.
  10. C-125 Won't Fire

    Yeah will do that today.
  11. C-125 Won't Fire

    Alright will try again even though I did it very slowly for a long time and will recheck the point gaps.
  12. C-125 Won't Fire

    I just tried getting rid of the rust on the flywheel so I could see the marks on it but couldn't find anything, is this good enough to be able to see the marks?
  13. C-125 Won't Fire

    Alright will try all of these and get back to you this weekend, thank you for your help.
  14. C-125 Won't Fire

    Yes we have tested the spark plug in various ways, one of the ways you listed we tried as well 'pull the spark plug wire and hold it 1/8" from the plug (still in the head) it should jump the gap while cranking'.
  15. C-125 Won't Fire

    Never mind I just changed it to match .02 and it still didn't fire. Later I'll try and clean up the fly wheel.