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  1. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    Alright I got the plug out and the shifter forks and rails out and can pull the input shaft out
  2. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    The manual tells me to remove this plug with a screw driver, but I'm not sure how, any tips for removal?
  3. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    Starting taking the transmission apart and found a lot of debris, unsure of what to do next
  4. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I'm looking for some guidance on this, this gear that broke is on the top end of the input shaft, now I can pull the gear out, if I buy a new gear can I slide it in and be on my way? Can someone explain to me these needle bearings
  5. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    found my problem
  6. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I can't figure it out , I put in in every gear and the input shaft and pulley spins but the hubs don't move, so I'm guessing something got disconnected in the transaxle, could you send me link to a thread for rebuilding these trans. I can't find anything on the 314-8
  7. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I'm guessing something went inside the transaxle case, are these hard to take apart? I can't find any tutorials on a rebuild
  8. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    Some times when I move the hi low shifter it seems like it doesn't always engage, but now I can't get the gear shifter back in the right spot, like I can't change gears Alright I got the gear shifter back in, if I have it in gear and I spin the input shaft , should it spin the axle, I would think it should
  9. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    Right now I have the transaxle completely free of motor, the hubs are not spinning on the axle, there seems to be a disconnect between Imput shaft and axle, please help! I don't know what to do from here
  10. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I have it up on jacks. When it's in gear I can move the rear wheels freely,is that normal?
  11. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    How would I check to see if I sheared a hub key, I have the tranny disconnected from the mower right now,
  12. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I'm pretty sure that isn't my problem, I tried that and nothing changed, of the mower is in gear , I lift up on the clutch and input shaft is spinning but the wheels don't move at all
  13. 314-8 Drive belt problems

    I do not see any gas shock on my mower there is a spring attached to the rod from the clutch pedal, the drive belt spins the pulley on the transmission and the shaft with the notch is also spinning, in guessing the problem is in the transmission? I was mowing for the first time today, and all of a sudden it was squealing , the mower was jerking like the belt was slipping , then it wasn't moving at all, input pulley spinning and wheels not moving at all, when I had the tractor on jacks when I spun one wheel it would spin the other wheel backwards, should the wheels be locked together like spin at the same time?
  14. 314-8 Tranny problem

    Hello I need some serious help , I have the same problem, just bought the mower, input shaft spins but wheels do not , I have disconnected the transmission from the mower , wondering what might be the problem?
  15. Hello, I just got my wheelhorse about a month ago and just had my first problem, it's a 314-8 1995 , the drive belt starting slipping and now it doesn't grab at all any help would be appreciated