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  1. 520H fuel line replacement

    Thanks! I'll look into this. Any idea how long of a fuel hose I'd need?
  2. Have a 520H model 3120OE01. I need to replace the fuel line but I'm not sure how difficult it is. It's cracked a few inches below the vacuum pump. It looks like it is routed under the gear shift plate. Does anyone have any steps or tips on replacing the fuel line?
  3. Update: I was able to get one of the taillights working. I found a new base, connected it up and it lit up fine. On the other one, I have to pull the bulb slightly upward to get it to light up. But as soon as I let off, it goes out again. So I'm guessing I need one more new base. Toro Part # 105202 I still can't get the safety lights to work. I've tried starting it with the PTO engaged. It doesn't start, but the safety light does nothing.
  4. I have a late 1999/early 2000 model Wheel Horse 314-8. Model 73449 and serial number 200000217. Recently got it running. Everything is working great on it. Although the taillights don't work. I've tried new bulbs for the taillights and that doesn't seem to fix it. The wires look intact as far as I can tell but I haven't dug into it too deep yet. Also, I can't seem to get the safety lights on the dash to work. Such as if I use a key and turn the reverse mowing switch or try to start it with the PTO engaged. Any ideas on where to start for this?
  5. I bought a 520H last weekend that has a 42" recycler deck on it. Part # 78355 I haven't seen one of these before. Are they rare or hard to find? If not, can it be converted into a regular rear discharge (without cutting or welding)?
  6. P220G - Removing Crankshaft

    Awesome - thanks. I'll give this a try.
  7. P220G - Removing Crankshaft

    Yeah I watched that one. At the point of removing the crankshaft gear, he describes welding some metal together to remove the gear. What I'm not sure of is if there are any screws in the threaded holes of the gear. And it skips past the camshaft removal. It may be simple though. I'll keep looking.
  8. P220G - Removing Crankshaft

    Rebuilding a P220G with a broken piston. This might be a dumb question, but what is the proper process to remove the crankshaft gear? Do I use a puller, and is there any screws to remove from the gear? I'm down the removing the gear on the crankshaft, and possibly the camshaft gear. Here is a picture if needed.
  9. 314-8 No spark

    Yep, cleaning the carb resolved the issue. Runs pretty well now!
  10. 314-8 No spark

    Removed carb. Took all apart from it that I could and cleaned with carb cleaner. Blew out jets. Will try installing later today to see if it does any better.
  11. 314-8 No spark

    No luck. I tried turning the low idle fuel adjustment needle from all the way in to I think all the way out and everywhere in between. I still had to keep the choke about 1/4 of the way out to get it to idle without dying.
  12. 314-8 No spark

    Right! I hope that's all... So if I have to run it with the choke 1/4 of the way for it to idle, that means it's running too lean at idle. So I need to adjust the low idle fuel needle screw, as well as the Low idle speed screw as it seems to idle a little fast. Looking at the Kohler CH14 manual, I am pretty sure I have the Walbro carb. I'll have to double check that tomorrow. The difficult part is that I can't easily adjust these without taking off the air filter plate, which holds the governor cable (IIRC ). .
  13. 314-8 No spark

    Update: I put a different plug in the wire, stuck to metal, saw spark. Put original plug back in the wire, stuck to metal, saw spark. Not sure what changed. So I put the original plug back in the engine. Was able to get it running with choke all the way out and then pushing it about half way in for idle. Smoked bad at first. White smoke. Smelled like oil. I think I had too much oil in there according to the stick. Drained some and it finally cleared out. Shows in the safe zone on the stick. After it warmed up, I could push the choke in to about 1/4 of the way for it to idle. It is sensitive in that if I push it in any further, it will die out. But to open the throttle all the way, I have to push the choke all the way in. To idle back down, I have to open the choke back to half way, let it settle, then push the choke in to 1/4.
  14. 314-8 No spark

    Crap. Now I'm stuck again. Thanks for the heads up.