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  1. 414-8 Engine bad knock

    I tested it again yesterday evening and it still ran OK. Sputtery, but I still think it has some water left in the tank even after I drained everything, as when the tractor was angled a certain way on a hill, it almost died.
  2. 414-8 Engine bad knock

    Does anyone have any more possible clues or suggestions?
  3. 414-8 Engine bad knock

    Could it be a balancer issue?
  4. 414-8 Engine bad knock

    OK...I went back out there. Took off the deck belt from the PTO completely. Cranked up, let it sit for a minute at idle - No knock. Opened throttle fully - No knock. Put deck belt back on PTO and tightened mule drive - No knock. Previously when I had the knocking issue, the PTO was not engaged (blades not spinning), but the knocking persisted. What the heck?
  5. 414-8 Engine bad knock

    Just recently finished fixing up a 3114k804 414-8 with Kohler 14 Magnum. I used this guy just Saturday. I checked the oil, had plenty of oil - clearish black in color (normal looking in other words). Greased everything. Fresh gas. Checked air cleaner, etc. Everything you'd need to do to prep a mower. Ran it for about three hours straight. Did pretty good. It did an occasional sputter for less than half a second under load (thicker grass). I figured it could possibly be some remaining water that was in the tank. When I got it, it had water in the tank, so I drained everything and put fresh new gas in it. Cleaned/soaked carb. Ran great other than this minor sputter. Anyway, today I put a rear discharge deck on it, got the belt tight. Did three stripes in the already mowed yard. Suddenly, the engine starts knocking bad. Still runs. Throttle down immediately and shut off. Can't see anything loose. Crank back up briefly. Still knocking. I'm thinking "Crap...I just got everything fixed. Come on!" I was able to idle it back to its parking spot. It ran fine, just a bad knock in the engine. Still has plenty of oil and no leaking. What should I check? I'm going to assume I'm looking at an engine rebuild?
  6. I was able to get it resolved yesterday. Part of it was the 417A tractor I had it on (another deck on the 417A did the same thing). The four link chain was too long to allow it to actually pull the arm up with the lift. I adjusted to the third link on the chain. Now it raises and lowers properly. And also, I lowered the adjustment L bolt on the back of the deck as far as it would go and that seemed to resolve it. After I did that, it worked fine on the other 414-8. Thanks to everyone that helped!
  7. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to sound upset in my post. When I get some time to remount the deck in question, I will do that and check on these posts. I'll put it on my 414-8 with the working rear discharge deck and see if there's any difference even then.
  8. Yeah, see I've done this and this is definitely not my first (or 10th) round of putting on a deck on an attach a matic. I've done this and also make sure the front bar with hook goes onto the right part of the tractor. On both tractors when I mounted the deck. It made no difference.
  9. I have a 42" recycler deck that I took the recycling insert off and put it up so it would be just a rear discharge deck. I have tried to put this thing on two different tractors. One, a 414-8 with manual lift, and a 417A with hydraulic lift. It does the same thing on both. What it does is not lower but very, very little. An inch or less, even when the height adjustment lever is all the way at the lowest setting. I have compared as much as I can think of to my working rear discharge deck and can't figure out why the deck won't lower like the working one. They appear to look exactly alike. Here are some pictures of it. https://imgur.com/8cRvdBb https://imgur.com/TCEYFsN https://imgur.com/EHjlZx1 https://imgur.com/oexxhg2 https://imgur.com/D309zgI https://imgur.com/ozWhpEG https://i.imgur.com/TCEYFsN
  10. 414-8 won't run

    It is a walbro. Here's a pic. It didn't come with one. I need to order one. There are three screws I can adjust.
  11. 414-8 won't run

    Update: I was able to get it running on its own. However, I cannot get it to go above half throttle with the choke all the way in. I have to have the choke out over half way for it to run at full throttle. I have tried adjusting as many of the screws as I can in and out, and it doesn't seem to affect anything so far. One more thing, it doesn't have a gasket between the carb and the block.
  12. 414-8 won't run

    Know where I can find a carb rebuild/repair kit for this Walbro carb that includes that needle/seat?
  13. 414-8 won't run

    Sorry - By this, I mean the carb was removed, all parts taken out of it, all jets blown, sprayed down with carb cleaner. I remember the float was stuck but it isn't anymore. Only other thing to be done in regard to cleaning is letting it soak.
  14. 414-8 won't run

    I have a 3114k804 414-8. I recently fixed the wiring on it to the ignition switch. I also had the carb cleaned and ran a new fuel hose. Put fresh gas in it. Turns over fine but won't start. The only time I can get it to start is when I squirt gas into the carb and it will run until it burns it out. I've also replaced the fuel pump with a new Kohler brand one. When I take off the hose going to the carb and turn over the engine, it squirts gas very well. So I'm not sure why it's not running yet. Does anyone have a manual for the carb? I'm looking for the correct screw rotations for proper air to fuel mixture and idle speed. Also, the carb is a Walbro brand.
  15. 1989 414-8 switch wiring

    Can anyone tell me if those two black and red (orange?) cables on the bottom of the solenoid are correct?