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  1. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    not the prettest thing, some of the copper is still in there. I will clean it up tomorrow and take better pictures
  2. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    After i do the swap, i will open up the old rear end and see what i need. I bought a parts hydro so hopefully i can make one good one. Searcher60 Thanks for the advice I'm sure i will have questions once i get started. You wouldn't happen to have any pics of the inside of the rear?
  3. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Once, i get back to work i will try to weld it and see what i can do. Thanks, alot for the advice i will make sure to take pics.
  4. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    out with the old!! In with the old, but hopefully better. Plus look at that hitch 😁
  5. 1st Wheel Horse

    Welcome Good deal, this place has tons of great info.
  6. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    here is a pic of one of the hydros i bought, with chewed up key way. got the rear-end out of the c120 this morning. here is the 69 electro 12, i had to buy it. Rough, but hopefully one day i will make time for it
  7. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Thanks alot, thats a great idea. Good news is I'm a welder by trade, bad news work is shut down for the week. Wait i guess that's also good news PS what's the best way to post pics
  8. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Update, bought 1 hydro rear, and a 1969 electro 12 with no pto and has 16hp Kohler on it. Hydro trans and lift might swap on to c120. Any idea how to fix a buggered up key way on a axle?
  9. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Well, little update on the rear end i guess I'm going to buy a used one and save this one for a winter job. Will post pics as soon as i can thanks again for all your help
  10. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Sorry no pics yet, definitely in need of a new 1 new hub. The side with bad bearings has good hub the other side has good bearings, but the hub key way is all buggered up. Someone has opened up the transaxle before. Where is a good place to find a hub.
  11. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Thanks again racinbob, and you a correct. Once this adventure starts i will post pics and probably more questions.😁
  12. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Thanks racinbob i wasn't able to find the file for my specific tractor, it has the sundstrand hydro i will look again tonight. Thanks
  13. Axle bearings on c120 auto

    Thanks for the quick response. I kinda figured that would be the answer. Well looks like i need to find out more info. The model #90-1136 if anyone knows of any manuals or info to help the adventure please post thanks
  14. Hello, everyone and thank you in advance. I got bit by the bug a few months ago and bought a 1974 b 80 the rod broke, about a month after i bought it. So to keep my 4yr old mowing i picked up a c120 auto and i was going to change rear wheel seals pulled the hub to find the axle moves up and down and side to side about an 1/8" what's involved in put in new bearing and does it need to be done now or a winter project. Thanks PS sorry about the grammar