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  1. c-175

    Hi, i manged to get 1 couple of weeks ago but many thanks for reply... Mods please remove ad... many thanks
  2. Dog proof racoon trap

    Hi , the tunnel trap is the best trap iv'e used.... and iv'e tried all of them including the gassing job with the exhaust from the tractor ! i found some on feebay in the USA here is a link , ifyou decide to try them and need some pointers let me know Phil
  3. Dog proof racoon trap

    Have had serious mole problem this year...trouble with traps they're not fussy what they catch... If id left it another day the weasel would of taken care of this mole...used to love watching the weasel run about the place... people really dont appreciate the damage moles do
  4. What Are You Listening To?

    Been to see this band few times now, kinda like folk music on acid... link Phil
  5. black rat snake

    This has to be one of the few reasons im glad i live in scotland !! the scariest things we have here is the risk of flooding (usually very high risk) ! and tourist's in campervans.... phil
  6. What are your other hobbies?

    Like anything old.. radios, fans, cars.. love 911 porche's also love messing about on water usually Loch Ness about 10 min drive from me... this is me and a mate few years back.. youtube
  7. Greetings from highlands

    Thanks meadowfield... was looking at the vid of your 4x4 your a clever bloke ! looks pretty unstoppable... you didnt leave your name... Phil
  8. c-175

    Hi folks , wtb tow hitch to fit c 175 (the one fitted has tow ball welded on) thanks for any help.... Phil
  9. Greetings from highlands

    Thanks stormin, the house build is 2nd on the list since i got the wheelhorse ! thanks again everyone for the warm welcome.... Phil
  10. Greetings from highlands

    Aha ! i did wonder if there was a "general chat" type of thread... thanks for the heads up ill have a wee lookie , thanks digger
  11. Greetings from highlands

    Thanks for the lovely warm welcome folks... so happy so far with horse.... just wish the grass would grow quicker now !! just means i get to spend less time on my other hobby, collecting and restoring antique electric fans... here is one of my many fans a 1903 general electric fan, called a pancake because of the shape of the motor, 114 yrs old and still running like a swiss watch Thanks again for the nice welcome !
  12. Greetings from highlands

    Hello ! finally bought myself a horse... have wanted one for years now and finally found one in Scotland... not many up here ! with around 2.5 acres she will be earning her keep ! will be looking to get a 60s model in next few years... I could sit n listen to it ticking over all day long lol