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  1. 314-H help starting

    If its been sitting outside forever and you don't have spark, you may need to clean rust off the flywheel so the mag can pick up the magnets.
  2. Crazy Electrical Problem

    Sounds like you have a ground issue
  3. k301 carbon build up under head

    Run it, and run it hard.
  4. 520H Throttle cable freezing

    Pull the cable off and soak it in a bucket of trans fluid. Let it work its way all through the cable.
  5. Howling when driving

    Or Idler pulley
  6. Catastrophic failure

    A used motor, or find a donor tractor.
  7. Another 520 that won't start

    You can always try praying the starter down with WD40 before you shut it down.
  8. Wheele

    What has happened over time the spindles have sagged (bent upward) front weight or popping wheelies. You can try to straighten them but be careful. They break about the time you get them where you want them
  9. Another 520 that won't start

    Take a hair dryer out and warn up the starter. Im betting its iced up
  10. 1991 520h P220G spark but rough running?

    The condenser on the onans go on the positive side.
  11. need help

    DID you get the starter to spin the motor over?
  12. need help

    Just a thought, is the battery hooked up correctly? Starter may be spinning backwards
  13. damaged spark plug hole threads in K161

    Get ahold of Kelly on here. Im sure he will have a head for you. I have heilicoiled but they didn't last Better to jut replace the head
  14. K301 noise

    Its always nice to have that inspection window in the block so you can see whats going on.
  15. K301 noise

    Kind of hard to fix a hole in the block.