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  1. 1991 520h P220G spark but rough running?

    The condenser on the onans go on the positive side.
  2. need help

    DID you get the starter to spin the motor over?
  3. need help

    Just a thought, is the battery hooked up correctly? Starter may be spinning backwards
  4. damaged spark plug hole threads in K161

    Get ahold of Kelly on here. Im sure he will have a head for you. I have heilicoiled but they didn't last Better to jut replace the head
  5. K301 noise

    Its always nice to have that inspection window in the block so you can see whats going on.
  6. K301 noise

    Kind of hard to fix a hole in the block.
  7. K301 noise

    Only takes a few minutes to pull the motor and pan to check the rod Cheaper if you catch it now.
  8. Carter model N trouble

    See my comment under stuck exhaust
  9. Carter model N trouble

    What muffler do you have on it?
  10. Problem with a stalling 416

    Exactly, its electrical. Module or rotor ring.
  11. Stuck exhaust suggestions?

    I know you have already solved your problem, but the method I use and its never failed is to use a dull air chisel and catch the pipe near the motor and give it a wrap. You may punch through the pipe but it gives you something to hammer on. It will break loose and you can spin it out.
  12. K181 Kohler Shuts Down Under Load

    Was your governor shaft tab broken? Check your governor gear and weights close. I have seen them explodes and cause the same problem.
  13. C-160 Hard Start

    If it cranks slow, that's the first place to start. If the voltage drops below 10 volts while cranking you wont get enough voltage to the coil for a strong spark. If you put jumpers on it and it fires right up then look at connections to the starter and ground. If all those are good do a voltage drop test to the starter. Connect volt meter from battery+ and to starter terminal. Crank engine and record voltage, Should be near 0. Anything above 0 indicates you have High resistance in the starter circuit.
  14. Onan 220 rebuild

    If its blowing oil out the muffler, a compression and leak down test will tell you a lot before you ever crack a bolt.
  15. Kohler M12 K301

    Right now its just a boat anchor. If you get 50 bucks for it you will be lucky.