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  1. spark plug treads stripped in head

    For the price of a new used head you may be better off going that way
  2. 244H Parts

    Found the thread, disregards, thanks
  3. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Your math does not compute. Ioz to a gallon = 125 cans. At $7.00 a can thats 875 bucks
  4. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    Its the best rebuild in a can you can buy.
  5. You have an electric clutch, if it acts up again check your battery voltage. If it gets too low the clutch wont engage, and it may explain your cranking problem. Make sure the charging system is working.
  6. replacement engine

  7. 314H Throttle or Governor Adjustment?

    There is also a throttle stop below the lever next to the cable with a screw adjustment
  8. replacement engine

    My plan didnt pan out, is the coil available off your motor?
  9. Why guess when you can just go to the chart. https://www.bluesea.com/support/articles/Circuit_Protection/1437/Part_1%3A_Choosing_the_Correct_Wire_Size_for_a_DC_Circuit
  10. K181 noise?

    If they were set too tight
  11. replacement engine

    I have a 244 also with a bad coil. I found one for 45 bucks and ordered it. I cant find the website again and its a company out of Japan Its been 3 weeks now and still hasn't showed up and I have no contact infor . I ordered one from a 15hp vertical Kohler that looks like it might work. Will be here tomorrow so I will update and let you what I find out
  12. K181 noise?

    Check your point setting, they can cause a knock/rattle
  13. Mystery Kohler motor

    The exhaust nipple sure looks threaded to me
  14. What's with the attraction?

    I have been asked why I need 12, my only answer was because I don't have 13. Now Im up to 15.
  15. Surprise with my 244H

    I just picked up a little 244h This week that wasn't suppose to run. I had it running before I took it off the trailer. Mowed about half the front yard and smoked the coil so Im waiting on a replacement. I normally stay away from the vertical shafts but Im kind of impressed by it so far.