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  1. C161 opportunity ..

    Yeah we will see when I get it home and checked out... the 121 will stay as is but this one might just get a full work over 🖒
  2. Which deck?

    Just been told the 42MS01 says 42 inch side discharge for a C series tractor... 🖒
  3. Which deck?

    Can anyone identify this deck please...
  4. Brilliant thanks for the pic and shout about the bracket ... Saved the pic so I can compare 👍
  5. I have a C161 8 speed manual and am being sent some pics of a plow attatchment next week as a possible buy... Never used one so if anyone has a pic of the correct one so I done buy a pup I would be greatfull guys ... 👍
  6. C161 opportunity ..

    Ok so.... I bought it 😉 cleaned up and now running I'll pick it up next week..
  7. C161 opportunity ..

    It's an 8 speed, I should have pics soon so I'll post a few so you guys can have a look and tell me what you think...😉
  8. C161 opportunity ..

    As my C121 has had an engine change as discussed in previous posts I was contacted today and given the opportunity to look at an unmolested C161 with the original Kohler 16hp in place, It's been locked away for years but I'm taking a look this week and knowing me I'll buy it anyway...😉
  9. Quality fuel line

    That's good enough for me...🖒
  10. Quality fuel line

    I'm replacing the old fuel line which looks like 1/4 inch r 6mm but it occurred to me it's obviously getting hot at the carb/exhaust end so is there a particular standard of fuel line you should use for the wheel horse...
  11. 6 wheel drive anyone....

    Whilst I was looking about I saw this tucked away.... it's what I would have taken home... D200 😎
  12. 6 wheel drive anyone....

    There you go...😉
  13. A friend of mine built this little beauty...
  14. Carb rebuild kit?

    Thanks, do you know his company name ...
  15. Carb rebuild kit?

    Thanks for the advice I did strip everything but didn't soak it. I'll order a kit and do it over...🖒