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  1. Thanks Bob, they are all shot and need replacing so will check out the members posts as I had a quote of Β£32 each in the UK....πŸ–’
  2. Sure Garry, there you go...
  3. I havent yet yet got to the electrics and the secondary smaller VR is now attached to the shroud as suggested...I want to revert to an original set up so hope they are available when I get time to sort it.. I have a few parts on their way from the USA but with handling and postal charges it makes for a big cost figure so need to find more parts if possible in the UK dealer network.... If not it will still get what it needs as I can't stand messing about with shortcuts... It's just the way I'm made πŸ˜‰ Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts/observations it's a great help to the new guy...πŸ‘
  4. Funny when my wife got interested and named it Rocky.... a set of new tyres and tubes turn up ....πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Thanks appreciate your thoughts we do have ethonal free but not available locally to me, fuel tank drained and replacement line later this week. Thought about an in line filter and may add one when my replacement shut off valve and bung arrive from the USA. I'm goin to try get it going first but agree a carb clean/build is the right way to go... Need to find the correct battery as mine has a cloth over the top obviously stopping the terminals contacting the hood eek 😱
  6. Took off the air shroud this morning lots of gunk to clen following storagr etc all sorted now. Let me know if you spot anything else that needs sorting out in the pics....
  7. Phew πŸ˜‚
  8. Never mind the tail lights..... Are they tail pipes 😎 Thanks for this πŸ‘
  9. Could anyone post a pic of the (if any) tail lights you have fitted original or modified as part of the area mine will be on means I will have to road register the C121 once it's running....
  10. I've orderd a set of turf tyres thanks...πŸ‘
  11. Hi Jeff, nice plate with I belive the original supplying uk dealer info, nice to see it still in place after a good working life then locked away for years. What tyres are you guys running I can get BKT although I belive the originals were Carlisle's...
  12. Brilliant thanks ChrisπŸ‘
  13. Thanks Chris could you suggest a dealer please...
  14. Had an hour with the C121 today, dropped the gearbox oil which was old contaminated and cream like flushed out and replaced. Engine oil very low and old so changed that.. brakes are not good so adjusted but better to change the lining I think so will have to source one, new air filter and seal reqired, tires are shot so need 4 new ones currently Carlisle on all four corners at the moment, engine mountings are shot the list goes on but a good wheel horse in the main ... made to last. Still not had chance to get it running but will shortly as I've decided to run it before a rebuild... the wife named it "Rocky" today as she said he looks a tough cookie who will make a come back.... so "Rocky" it is...πŸ˜‰
  15. Mr Robert Maynard to the rescue thanks for the help and link πŸ‘