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  1. 2017 Mentone Garden Tractor Show & Swap Meet

    Thanks. I'll keep you posted.
  2. 2017 Mentone Garden Tractor Show & Swap Meet

    If anyone has a front deck carrier for sale that's coming to the show this weekend, look me up. Thanks.
  3. mowing decks

    Looking for a Wheelhorse 3 point finish and 60' deck for a D250. Preferably in the northern Indiana area. Let me know if you have something that you would be willing to part with. Thanks.
  4. 10th Annual Mentone Show & Swap Meet

    Just a week away now. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm looking for a pull behind lawn vac if someone has one that they are wanting to sell.
  5. Mentone Indiana 2016

    Any color tractors are welcome. Parts, complete tractors, or whatever you have.
  6. Mentone Indiana 2016

    The spring swap meet is set for April 30.
  7. Mentone Show & Swap Meet Fall 2015

    What's everyone bring to sell or trade? I will have several 'D' series parts. I'll be on the lookout for a black hood. Hopefully a c175.
  8. Mentone Indiana Spring Swap Meet

    Down to just two weeks away. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  9. Sorry to hear about your dad. Our prayers are with you.
  10. Who's battling or getting ready for Linus?

    I've blown out the driveway twice so far today. At least five inches each time, and it's still coming down .
  11. My new snow removal tool

    I sold mine, didn't run for crap.
  12. Wedding present for my son

    Kelly, tell Nick congrats for me. That was a very thoughtful gift.
  13. your favorite wheel horse?

    Any of the "D" series.
  14. C-165 refresh

    I like it. Nice work.
  15. New Memeber! My First Wheel Horse! Pics

    You did very well. Nice looking tractor.