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  1. Okay, so after about a week of searching I found exact replacements and it worked! Anyone needing 972116 and 970026 O-rings for the GT14 let me know - I can get them! email me at hubast2003@comcast.net
  2. Thank you guys so much for helping - I appreciate it - Ill keep ya posted on my findings!
  3. Hi - I have a 1972 Wheelhorse GT14 that needs two "O" Rings on the top of the transaxle where the hydraulic lift lever for the deck attaches at on the transaxle. I took it all apart (because it was leaking there) and there is one "O" Ring of the two that looks flat on each side. The part numbers for the GT14 5070 transmission "O" rings are 972116 and 970026. Does anyone have a clue where I might obtain replacements? Thank you kindly - I appreciate -hubast