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  1. Thank you for the tip 953 nut. I am excited to get this back together.
  2. No worries, and your right, regardless, it is a solid motor. Hmm....interesting. So does that mean once I reach my limit I can't post any more pictures ever, unless I become a "supporter"?
  3. Is there a technique one can do with plasticgauge that checks out-of-roundness of the rod journal? Also I have not found anywhere that says to use plasticgauge on bearingless rods like these small engines use. Does one use it on these small engines like you would on engines with bearings? This is the first small engine I tore into with the intent of rebuilding it.
  4. Considering the history of the tractor that I know and the original documentation I have for the tractor, engine, mower deck, and snow thrower, including the original warranty cards still in the original letters and envelope I personally do believe it is all original. Especially considering how meticulous the original owner was, I can't see him changing the engine and putting the original SN decal engine shroud on a different motor. If he changed the engine, I would have all the info for that engine. This is model years when they used K301 blocks bored to the K241 specs in order to use up end of the run production inventory, so it has the K301 casted block.
  5. Took it to a show and swap meet a couple of weeks ago and had a great time, funny thing was is John Deere was the featured tractor this year and as you can see in the pics they were out numbered. It was only the second year for this show. It is held in Osceola, Iowa, and a couple of fellow Wheel Horse enthusiast got it started last year. We had about 25 more machines this year, so it's growing. Okay, picture size limits are fighting me so will add another post. Okay, apparently I can't post ANY more pictures at all! Whats with that?!
  6. So the old Kohler K241 in my C-101 seemed to have developed a quiet knock once it got warmed up and under load. Since, to my knowledge, it is the original engine and has not been touched other than routine maintenance, and I need to replace some gaskets because of oil leaks, I decided to pull it out of the tractor and tear it down and inspect it. After putting a mic to everything the only thing I can tell it may be, is the rod journal on the crank, it is slightly out of round but I think still with in specs. Granted, I don't have expensive measurement tools, my micrometer is a dial mic and only goes out to .001. So the crank rod journal spec is 1.500 and that is what it measures one way and 90 degrees to that it measures 1.499. See specs below. I did check the valve clearance after tearing it down on both valves, The intake valve was good at .009 and the exhaust valve was over at .020 so I brought it down to .018, would the exhaust valve being over gapped ever so slightly have been the knock that I was hearing? At this point I think I am planning on honing the bore, installing new rings and putting it back together. Here are the specs and numbers; Piston New spec. 3.2432" wear limit 3.238 My piston 3.240 Cylinder bore parallel to stroke top 3.249 Middle 3.249 bottom 3.250 Cylinder bore perpendicular to stroke Top 3.250 Mid 3.249 Bot 3.249 My Rod journal measured inline with rod length 1.500 Measured perpendicular to rod length 1.500 Crank rod journal spec New 1.5000/1.4995 max wear 1.4990 Max out of round .0005 My crank rod journal measured centered inline with bore (Piston rod at bottom of stroke) 1.499 Measured off set from bore (piston rod half way up/down stroke) 1.500 Like I said, my mic only measures out to .001 so the crank rod journal measurements are what may be in question at this point. But, even so, I don't see anything that explains a quiet knock under load after it is warmed up. Any ideas? Oh yeah, there was quit a bit of carbon build up on top of the valves, around the valves, on the top of the piston and on the cylinder head. Towards the to of the first photo you can see an entire ridge of carbon along the gasket surface between the exhaust valve and piston. The third pic is the inside of the oil pan after just taking it off, that is how clean the inside of a 38 year old engine can be when it is properly maintained. You could have white glove tested it, I couldn't believe it!
  7. 1st wheel Horse!!!

    Welcome to the club leepster! I am a WH babe as well getting my first a couple months ago. Ron
  8. I love this little C-101! Changed the seat over and installed the blade and played with it a little yesterday. Looking for a rock shaft for it though so I can play with the tiller.
  9. Jspond, I am sorry, I replied to you the other day and just noticed it didn't post. Thank you for the info and yes, if you could post a couple pictures for me I would greatly appreciate it. Again, thank you for your assistance.
  10. Thank you Gary. That is very helpful.
  11. What is a C 120 auto worth

    mikeeyre74, we had the hood and front mule drive removed from the tractor so we just pulled straight up to a utility pole next to our drive way with the front end and then turned around and used a block of wooden post between it and the rear end and it worked great.
  12. What is a C 120 auto worth

    Ericj, thank you for the info and the tip. My son and I decided to tear it down today to part it out. Good to know on the decks. Do people actually what the 36" decks? I used the RD deck I got with my C 101 and thought it was worthless. Entirely to small to be of any use to me. Took me two hours to mow a yard that normally takes me 35 minutes with my zero turn. I know that's an unfair comparison, but 2 hours?! I swapped it out with the 42" and now I have two 36" decks keeping my driveway from floating away.
  13. What is a C 120 auto worth

    Well, she did a burn out in forward and reverse. The motor didn't like it much and started puking oil out the crank case tube. I took a couple short videos but I can't figure out how to upload them. Thanks for the hydro tip though. Great information to know.