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  1. Feast your Tired Eye's & Give a Reply

    What's the meaning of sk-400 model?
  2. Happy Birthday Chris

    Happy birthday Chris, you should ride one of the rj's down to the corner store and treat yourself to a nice meatball sub today.
  3. Happy Birthday Squonk

    Happy birthday from Orleans county skonk, you don't look a day over 100
  4. Parts supplier info

    He has a great YouTube channel. I accidentally ordered wrong part online on a Sunday 1 time. Called Monday morning and talked to a nice lady who was happy to cancel it for me no charge.
  5. FEL Lovers of America & A Broad !

    I just had an idea for bikini girls on wheel horses calendar! BRF you are going to get us in trouble! This is a family forum! Try to keep dirty old man Fred under wraps!
  6. FEL Lovers of America & A Broad !

    Even if I could out run that I would pretend to just barely keep up
  7. FEL Lovers of America & A Broad !

    That's a rear end unloader, and I'd love to meet your wife
  8. Winter Storm Hunter

    I'm envious if that c-160. She's a beaut!
  9. Probably not a good idea with the latest fad of whistle blowing sexual harassment issues. Skonk wouldn't last a week with a young secretary, he would be the next Al franken or matt lauer
  10. The world of Big Red Fred

    This is his cousin, Clifford the big wheel horse red dog.
  11. BRF, easy on the green bean casserole.
  12. B-80

    Did I see that on Erie PA Craigslist? Looked beautiful. I almost called and made the 2 hour trip!
  13. Halloween Accident!

    From the looks of it it looks like he wasn't too healthy to begin with. Maybe your horse was trying to euthanize him?
  14. Bolting scrap wood on to discharge makes grind up the leaves really well. So far it is a win.
  15. Hello from Bama

    My wife was born in Opelika and man is she a cutie