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  1. My 701 journey

    Mine has a pipe to divert oil away
  2. non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    So any model in those years? I have a nice k321AS that needs a tractor
  3. This is my contraption in progress. Still needs some fine tuning. Leaves are also a battle I think about all year long. I love the big maples except when their leaves are 6 inches deep
  4. HF paint guns

    You guys are scaring me! This sounds too hard. Ill never be a good painter. Too tedious. I'm just kidding, I'll do it 1 of these days. Thanks for the advice randy. Very good
  5. HF paint guns

    Really appreciate your thoughtful well written advice. Thanks for taking the time
  6. Sold Bike Bought 520H

    Love the 5 ribs! That is BA
  7. HF paint guns

    Thanks everyone. I planned on a you tube video or 2 but I just wanted to get the Wheel Horse fountain of knowledge first!!!
  8. Any thoughts, comments, or suggestions on these 2 guns? Are they a good investment? Which one is better for painting WH red?
  9. Adult pedal tractors?

    This is the wheel horse communities answer to the war on global warming and reliance on foreign oil. All that and getting in a good cardio workout
  10. What have you done on your WH today?

    I really want to come to the big show next year, I never been, Wife's sposed to have a baby in February so I don't know if I'll be able to. Guess we could start raising it right, on the seat of a Wheel Horse of course.
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    That silver tongue devil must be a truck driver. He talks like jerry reed in smokey and the bandit.
  12. What have you done on your WH today?

    Don't blow a nut BRF
  13. The things you see on CL!

    I would have liked to know how they figured out it would do 33. Guy in rusty truck following with a speedometer? Second cousin who's village cop with the radar gun? See how many miles they could get away from home in 1 hour?
  14. WNY Gas & Steam Engine annual Rally 2017

    How was flea market? I may go down tomorrow after church
  15. The things you see on CL!

    Be the first to get a speeding ticket in town on this race Horse