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  1. Probably not a good idea with the latest fad of whistle blowing sexual harassment issues. Skonk wouldn't last a week with a young secretary, he would be the next Al franken or matt lauer
  2. The world of Big Red Fred

    This is his cousin, Clifford the big wheel horse red dog.
  3. BRF, easy on the green bean casserole.
  4. B-80

    Did I see that on Erie PA Craigslist? Looked beautiful. I almost called and made the 2 hour trip!
  5. Halloween Accident!

    From the looks of it it looks like he wasn't too healthy to begin with. Maybe your horse was trying to euthanize him?
  6. Bolting scrap wood on to discharge makes grind up the leaves really well. So far it is a win.
  7. Hello from Bama

    My wife was born in Opelika and man is she a cutie
  8. VR to switch fuse

    Or skank. Sorry if that's inappropriate. Thanks though for the wisdom. I'm going to run it without that fuse I guess. If it starts a fire at least it's not a wheel horse
  9. VR to switch fuse

    Yes skonk, one of those you described. This is on a Ford lgt145 with a kohler engine.
  10. VR to switch fuse

    What's the reason for having an inline fuse between voltage regulator and key switch? Had a tractor not charging, so I took the fuse off and hard wired it and now charges fine. Is this safe or should I put a new fuse in? It was probably put there for a reason I'm guessing
  11. Time to paint

    I'm sorry and embarrassed to say it's still in pieces. Been working 7 days a week and doing yard work getting ready for winter. I did buy the HF sprayer though!
  12. My 701 journey

    Mine has a pipe to divert oil away
  13. non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    So any model in those years? I have a nice k321AS that needs a tractor
  14. This is my contraption in progress. Still needs some fine tuning. Leaves are also a battle I think about all year long. I love the big maples except when their leaves are 6 inches deep
  15. HF paint guns

    You guys are scaring me! This sounds too hard. Ill never be a good painter. Too tedious. I'm just kidding, I'll do it 1 of these days. Thanks for the advice randy. Very good