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  1. Greetings from Spain

  2. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    I don't think I'll be hitching up for photos till someone finds and hangs the feed bag! 🌽🐎 Think I'll just stick with the little red machine for now. Gary
  3. Happy Birthday Ed Kennell

    Happy Birthday Ed. You could ride your Horse across the Susquehanna ice today and enjoy some Lancaster County PA Dutch cookin. Gary
  4. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    Retired Wrencher, Yes it it is a "73" No Name 12 Automatic. This is its Golden Anniversary year if I know my years and colors. No I don't use any dry gas or additives. It has always started fine without any. As for the cart, it's a throw back to my hand pulling days, so for now it's big enough. I still hitch myself to it from time to time. Gary
  5. Snow is not always about blades and blowers!

    Thisguyisnew, Nope the pin striping is not reflective. The person I bought the tractor from owns a small body shop and I assume ( sure I'll hear about that word knowing this group ) he installed the striping. However in my area back in the late 60's and 70's it was common for car dealerships to put pin strips on cars. Perhaps the wheel horse dealer did the same? Doubtful but who knows. Gary
  6. Seems there are plenty of other chores for a work horse in the snow even without blades and blowers. Sure have hauled and burnt the wood the last 10 days! Gary
  7. Another What Is It

    Perhaps a trace chain from draft horse harness?? Gary Not fair...................He gave the answer while I was still typing the incorrect response.
  8. '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Yeap, I went through all the issues with the electric clutch and finally got mine to work. Guy I bought it from told me it would work sometime if you kicked it just right! Had to buy and install a used coil. The system itself is fairly simple as far as operation. If you want to check it quickly with out the tractor running turn the key to the accessory position and flip the PTO/CLUTCH switch up or to the on position. You should hear a fairly loud click if the clutch engages. If not make sure your battery is fully changed. the clutch requires a good battery and charging system. If the battery is up to snuff, there should be an electrical connection at the clutch to allow removal of the belt. See if you have 12 volts at this connector. If not you have an issue with the switches, wiring or there is also a fuse that could be blown. If you do have 12 volt power at the connector, then it is likely that you have a coil issue as I did. If that's the case than there are good people on this forum that will point you in the right direction to find the used parts that you'll most likely need. They sure helped me out with parts and advice. PS. I even found a place that would wind a new coil for me and install it in my old coil housing, but they wanted as much to do it as I paid for the tractor. So needless to say I was happy for the used parts. Gary PSS..............As for Tankman and Sarge's machines, only in my dreams would mine ever look like that!!!
  9. '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Keep me informed on the transmission. Then I'll know what to look forward to some day. Gary
  10. '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Thanks Dave, Mine was broken long before I got it. Some day I might get around to fixing it or having it fixed, but for now I'll stick with the cheap repair LEVEL GROUND or WHEEL CHUCK!
  11. '73 automatic 12 brakes

    Hello Logan, I also have a 73 12 Automatic, unfortunately for you I'm new at all of this, but if your tractor with the engine running and the brake lever in the down position the tractor should stop when the foot brake is pressed or the transmission forward/reverse lever is in neutral just as 953 nut says. The transmission is actually stopping the tractor. However if your talking about a brake when the park/brake lever is in the up position and the tractor is on a hill then there is a pawl in the transmission that is to engage in a gear to act as a brake or the same as the park gear in a car. If your tractor is like mine that pawl is broken off inside the transmission (at least that's what I think) and I have no parking brake. I've learned for now to park on the level or carry a small wheel chuck! Gary
  12. Can anyone tell me where to find the model/serial number of the deck on my 1973 12 automatic. If it's a paper decal it's no longer on there. If it's stamped in I've yet to find it. Lacking a model number any information you could share would be most helpful. There are no grease fittings anywhere on the deck and the 3 blades are each approximately 13-3/4" long. Thanks Gary
  13. Electric PTO

    Anyone know where I can find new or used parts for a 1973 12 Automatic electric clutch? When I bought my tractor the coil was loose in the housing and was pretty beat up. I've gotten it to work sometimes but it's not reliable. To date I have been unable to find anyone local that can make a new coil, but I'm still searching. I know there are kits and parts out there to convert it to a manual PTO, but I would like to keep it original if at all possible. Thank, Gary
  14. My first Wheel Horse, C-100?

    Thanks Jim, I'll look into that. Kind of new to this. Gary
  15. My first Wheel Horse, C-100?

    Nice. I'd like to get a better view of how the trailer ball draw bar is attached if possible. It's exactly what I've been looking for to pull a log splitter. Thanks Boonelynch, Gary