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  1. Military Members

    US Army 254th FA Radar Detachment LZ. Weight Davies/LZ. Loney Vietnam. 1970-19.71.
  2. Busy day haulin’

    Nice Thanks, Gary
  3. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    I agree Red, I run a plow for a township and each year the weather guessers get worse and worse. Best to look at the radar and guess yourself as you say. That's what I do. Oh and being from Lancaster County PA I trust the local Groundhog, Octorara Orphie.
  4. New horse and first hydro!

    The hydro is the way to go. Mowing with my 12 automatic is a snap when you have a yard with a lot of stuff to mow around. Gary PS. Worked with a machine years ago that had a horn similar to that and every time you would blow it it drew so much power the engine would shut off.
  5. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Thanks for the advice on the ethanol-free fuel Sarge. I've never tried it, but I've heard a lot swear by it. Gary
  6. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Thanks WHX 14, but my valve is remote mounted, so it is some what different. Gary
  7. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    New o-ring and all seems fine. 53 cents at the AMISH hydraulic shop. Ten minutes with Handy Andy pliers and I seem ready to go. Is there any reason to turn the gas off and on with every use? I had the tractor a year before I even knew there was a shut off valve. I didn't have any problems with leaving it open then. Any thoughts are welcome and thanks for suggestions and ideas on the shut off repair! Gary PS. Sorry AMC, Amish aren't real keen on the picture thing. Maybe next time.
  8. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Took the valve apart this afternoon and found the o-ring. Headed to the AMISH hardware store tomorrow to get a new o-ring. Hopefully that will take care of it. Fuel lines are next. Can't believe how badly cracked they are. If you've never been in an AMISH hardware store it's worth a trip sometime. Gary
  9. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Thanks Squonk, I'm a little slow on the up take. Took me a couple of minutes to figure out PITA . Kind of looked like that would be the case, but the O-ring was what I was hoping to find in there. Hope that's all it is. Gary
  10. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Thanks, pretty sure that would work, but I would like to keep it original if possible. Think I'll just drain the gas and take the old one out and see what make it tick. Maybe there is something replaceable in there. I may install there home depot one temporarily till I figure out what's what. Gary
  11. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Bout when I got mine.
  12. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Sorry to bring this up again. I know it's been on here before, but when I need the thread I can't seem to locate it. The metal gas shut off valve on my 1973 12 automatic decided to start leaking today while bringing in wood. I would like to repair it if I could, but of course I will replace it if needed. Anyone guide me in the right direction? I must caution though, when I go into my shop, my tool supply consists of my child hood HANDY ANDY tool kit. Anyone willing to show their age and admit they know what a HANDY ANDY tool kit is? The valve as shown in the photo is mounted on the left side dash panel, not under or through the tank as a couple of earlier threads that I've found. Thanks Gary
  13. 417-8

    Ericj, Where's the $1.00 a cup coffee in Red Lion, I might drive there for a cup some morning. Not much around for less than 2 bucks. Gary
  14. charger 8

  15. No response to Raider 12 purchase

    Careful how long you wait, rumor has it the eBay is canceling pay-pay for another pay service. I'm sure it will have little or no effect affect on your issue but it could muddy the works for awhile depending on when and if the change over takes place. Gary