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  1. 1973 12 Automatic Parts Manual

    Thanks Garry, That's what I've been missing. Not sure what I did, but I had the drive belt cover off to check the idler pulley and spring and then reinstalled it. I mowed with it and started smelling rubber. The belt was starting to fray. Obviously I had the belt routing wrong with the guides on the inside of the belt guard. Looks like a new drive belt is in the works for me! Thanks again, Gary
  2. I'm looking for a parts break down on a 12 Automatic. I have the owners manual that I downloaded awhile back, but there are no parts shown. I also have the sunstrand manuals. If a parts break down does not exist for this model is there another model or year that would be close? Thanks, Gary
  3. Old friend

    Or the old guy running it! Between mower and mowee there is 112 years of mowing experience here! . Gary
  4. Old friend

    Stubee, I just posted in another thread that after using a few newer tractors for my Father and Law and a couple at work, (all John Deeres) my 45 year old 12 Automatic Wheel Horse is by far the best of the lot! Hoping it out lasts me. Gary
  5. New User - Old Tractor

    Welcome Doc to Gary
  6. What Horse, and how old

    1973 12 Automatic, paid $200.00 and probably have around $250.00 in it for parts and repairs. Mostly deck the deck and electric clutch coil. Wouldn't give it up. Mowing for my Father-in-law using his newer John Deere D105. There is no comparison, the 45 year old Wheel Horse is hands down the best tractor I've ever used! Gary
  7. New guy to a WH

    Welcome Robbie C! Gary
  8. new member in PA

    Welcome Andy! Gary
  9. Saw this in a thread a week or two ago and at the time I didn't pay much attention, but then I got to wondering if this is what's going on with my "73" 12 Automatic. I was thinking that perhaps I had a valve hanging up in the drive system or belt slip. My tractor seems to pull up hill fine, hold down hill fairly well, but when it transitions from down hill to flat ground it seems to free wheel (for lack of a better explanation) for a second or two then every thing seems to engage again and all is fine. Hubs are tight and the drive belt is new. The belt tension pulley seems fine. Wondering now if I have an issue or is it "Sunstrand Drift?" Can anyone explain this condition to me? Thanks, Gary
  10. Intro and new to me 315-8

    Maybe if you pay them the neighbors will let you mow their yards. Then you would have the justification and the need! Gary
  11. Military Members

    US Army 254th FA Radar Detachment LZ. Weight Davies/LZ. Loney Vietnam. 1970-19.71.
  12. Busy day haulin’

    Nice Thanks, Gary
  13. Some Work Ahead for the Snow Horses

    I agree Red, I run a plow for a township and each year the weather guessers get worse and worse. Best to look at the radar and guess yourself as you say. That's what I do. Oh and being from Lancaster County PA I trust the local Groundhog, Octorara Orphie.
  14. New horse and first hydro!

    The hydro is the way to go. Mowing with my 12 automatic is a snap when you have a yard with a lot of stuff to mow around. Gary PS. Worked with a machine years ago that had a horn similar to that and every time you would blow it it drew so much power the engine would shut off.
  15. Gas Shut Off Valve Leak

    Thanks for the advice on the ethanol-free fuel Sarge. I've never tried it, but I've heard a lot swear by it. Gary