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  1. WH 269H Won't Crank

    I have a late 90's 269H with the Kohler 17HP motor. After cutting for about 1 hour I turned it off, tried to start it about 10 minutes late and it would not crank. The dash lights turn on (oil, battery, parking brake), I can hear/feel the relay click but the starter will not turn. All fuses checked All relays checked no broken/frayed wires Solenoid will not engage when crossing the terminals with a screw driver and key switch in on position. Is this a defacto solenoid issue or do I need to check other things? Also, I am showing that the part number for the solenoid is: 52-435-02. i found one at http://www.milfordpower.com/R12130-Starter-Solenoid-Replaces-Kohler-52-435-02S-p/r12130.htm Thanks in advance for any direction or advice. John