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  1. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    Finally found a deck $175 works great, picked up the mule drive with it. Now I just need a new seat!
  2. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    Found these decks today seller doesn't know what they are but is willing to sell me one. Wonder if any of you guys can identify and tell me if either will work on my 314-8.
  3. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    The 37" deck I found is 05-37SC01
  4. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    Didn't realize I could run a 48 that gives me another options. I was looking at 42 and 36
  5. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    What size decks will fit this model? I have to get a mule drive also, are the mule drives specific to the deck size?
  6. 37" Deck on a 314-8

    Hello, new here. Need some advice from the pros! putchased a 314-8 with a snowblower but no deck. Found a 37" deck from a 310-8 but from what I've read here so far it seems a 37" deck won't work? Or is it adaptable? Thanks in advance.