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  1. Any Value ???

    I am interested in a snow blower for my 520H. Is it ok to have this kind of discussion on the forum, or should it be done in a private message? I am in Saugerties (not to far from Clinton Corners)
  2. 520H Fuel Sender repair

    Hello, The fuel gauge on my 1995 520H always reads FULL. At first I thought this was great! I never need to add gas! Alas, I was wrong. I unhooked the wires from the sender and attached my ohm meter. When I move the float in the tank, it shows 0 ohms all the time. I have not removed the sender from the tank yet. Has anyone attempted to repair these units?
  3. 520H volt meter removal

    Mine jumps a lot also. I thought it was something I did wrong.
  4. 520H volt meter removal

    Lynnmor, I used the lowest setting on the heat gun and kept it moving over the plastic. That worked and I was able to get the old volt meter out. I bought a new meter with a large bezel that will sit on top of the plastic dash instead of under it like the old one. However, when I tested the new meter before installing it, it did not work either. Arg, back to Advance Auto this morning.
  5. 520H volt meter removal

    I did remove the 4 screws, two of which are shown in WVHillbilly's picture. I will get out the heat gun and warm that area.
  6. 520H volt meter removal

    The volt meter on my 1995 520h does nothing but occupy space. The charging system works and there is voltage present at the terminals. I have removed the clip that holds it in place and loosened the plastic dash cover but the speed control and hydraulic lift levers are in the way to completely remove the dash. I can't bend the dash far enough to get the old volt meter out of the way. What else do I have to remove to gain access to the gauges ? I hope I do not have to remove those two levers! I will need another meter and a few bulbs for the gauges, most are missing. Next up, find out my my gas gauge always show full when the key is on.
  7. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    Thanks for the offer of help and phone number. We probably wont start really planning another trip there until 2020. My brother now has two kids in collage that he is paying for.
  8. My "saved" 520 Hydro WH

    What is MP? Is it a for sale website similar to Craigslist? Ps: My brother and I spent some time in Bunschoten-Spakenburg two years ago. We want to try a biking tour of The Netherlands sometime soon.
  9. I just received the kit from Matt and need to find time to install it. Hopefully right after Thanksgiving. I have a 1995 520H and I am toying with the idea of keeping the dash mounted hand control. I would like to remove the hand control to simplify the dashboard but does anyone see a reason to keep it? I have only had this WH 520 for 6 months. I have driven IH Cub Cadets with hydrostatic drives for years. I am use to the left hand hydro control on the cub cadets and I am not used to the right hand control on the 520. I keep raising or lowering the mower deck whenever I want to change speed.
  10. The CPAP machine I had for almost 20 years was replaced because it did not "report back to the mothership" and the insurance company could not prove that I still needed it. They gave me a newer one that makes contact with someone and shows how much I use it. Anyway, I have the old one and about 50ft of hose. Since the masks are replaced often, I have an old one that I use when wire brushing, sanding or painting. I have seen CPAP machines on Craigslist.
  11. dozer blade NOS 0648BC01

    Changed Status to Closed
  12. Matt's Hydro pedal?

    We just "talked" through the message feature of this board. I think he has an email address on his profile page. Edit: his email address is in his pedal ad on this forum: Or you can email me at mattdarling02@hotmail.com.
  13. Matt's Hydro pedal?

    I chatted with him in late June - early July, but I have not heard from him since early September. I hope he is OK.
  14. 48"-520 Deck and Dozer Blade

    I just placed an add for a NOS dozer blade in the For Sale section. I also have a 48" deck but it isn't as nice as the plow. It is in good shapen but not "like new". Where are you located on the East coast?
  15. dozer blade NOS 0648BC01

    UNused Wheel Horse 48" dozer blade.