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  1. What have you done on your WH today?

    Yesterday was a big day for me and my 520H. I installed Matt's foot pedal speed control. That went relatively smooth. Only problems were self made. I also installed the snow plow and tried to install the wheel weights. The 10 inch carriage bolts were not long enough for the plastic coated WH weights I have. New bolts will have to wait until Monday.
  2. I just received the kit from Matt and need to find time to install it. Hopefully right after Thanksgiving. I have a 1995 520H and I am toying with the idea of keeping the dash mounted hand control. I would like to remove the hand control to simplify the dashboard but does anyone see a reason to keep it? I have only had this WH 520 for 6 months. I have driven IH Cub Cadets with hydrostatic drives for years. I am use to the left hand hydro control on the cub cadets and I am not used to the right hand control on the 520. I keep raising or lowering the mower deck whenever I want to change speed.
  3. The CPAP machine I had for almost 20 years was replaced because it did not "report back to the mothership" and the insurance company could not prove that I still needed it. They gave me a newer one that makes contact with someone and shows how much I use it. Anyway, I have the old one and about 50ft of hose. Since the masks are replaced often, I have an old one that I use when wire brushing, sanding or painting. I have seen CPAP machines on Craigslist.
  4. dozer blade NOS 0648BC01

    Changed Status to Closed
  5. Matt's Hydro pedal?

    We just "talked" through the message feature of this board. I think he has an email address on his profile page. Edit: his email address is in his pedal ad on this forum: Or you can email me at mattdarling02@hotmail.com.
  6. Matt's Hydro pedal?

    I chatted with him in late June - early July, but I have not heard from him since early September. I hope he is OK.
  7. 48"-520 Deck and Dozer Blade

    I just placed an add for a NOS dozer blade in the For Sale section. I also have a 48" deck but it isn't as nice as the plow. It is in good shapen but not "like new". Where are you located on the East coast?
  8. dozer blade NOS 0648BC01

    UNused Wheel Horse 48" dozer blade.
  9. Front tires for snow plowing

    I use the same tires on the front for snow plowing. The front used to slide all over the place when the blade was angled.
  10. Return to neutral on an Eaton 11 (520H)

    The column mounted motion control arm moves freely and does not bind in any direction. It is just the part with the (sort of) rounded triangle hole that moves the bearing doesn't push the bearing all the way back to neutral from reverse. I will remove the battery like you suggest, and put some penetrating oil on the pivot points. (and the tower cover plate too)
  11. I have a 520H that does not go back to neutral from reverse when pressing the brake pedal. I need to manually move the motion lever back to neutral. It works fine when going forward and pressing the brake pedal. I have the Eaton 11 manual and I did the neutral adjustment on page 13. I raised the rearend and moved the cam so that the wheels do not spin when the motion lever is in neutral. When driving the tractor in either direction, it stops when moving the motion control by hand. With the tunnel cover off it looks like the levers/cams that move the control back towards neutral do not immediately engage when the transmission is in reverse. This leaves the motion control arm still in reverse when the brake is applied. Is there some adjustment in there? I do not see anything in the Eaton or Owners manuals about the brake return to neutral linkage.
  12. New to me 520H

    The vise grips worked for me, at least temporally. I was able to mow the lawn without having to hold the throttle up.
  13. New to me 520H

    MalMac: I removed the block and cleaned the dried grease. Now i can pump fres grease in. The zirc connector did not have hex area to get a wrench on so I assume it is not threaded. WVHillbilly520H: thanks for the pointers. I did get those manuals and i have been browsing them. I had found the voltage regulator. I read 14 volts at the battery when the motor is running. I will look at the meter after i check out the wiring.
  14. New to me 520H

    Thank you, I'll try the vice grips first and then the bolt if needed. Another little problem is the grease zirk in the block on the lower steering shaft. I can't pump grease into it. It appears to be a pressfit and not threaded. What is the best way to remove it? Should I remove the block and drive it out from the inside?
  15. New to me 520H

    I just brought home a 1995 520H. I think it is in good shape. The wiring looks a little iffy - there are a lot of spliced wires. The main thing I have a question about right now is the throttle lever. When I move it all the way up (higher RPMs) it goes back to the middle. It stays in position in the middle or at the low end. Is there a tension adjustment on the pivot on the lever ? The volt meter always reads zero and the gas gauge always says full even though I know the tank is mostly empty. I can live with those things for a while. thanks PS it is hard to type after spilling a beer on the keyboard. I have to use cut and paste for few letters.