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    310-8, 516H, C125, 414-8, 1054, 416-8, D200
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    Fixing any thing with a engine, Shooting my guns with my Sons & Daughter, Horse Doctor, Stihl Chain saws, coins, stamps, Old Union Trucking company's, Grand Kids, Pissn my Neighbors off, Attitude adjustments LOL

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IMG_04481.jpg.558e11cd00221a266c2b6fc1031f4bd6.jpgIMG_04541.jpg.e0daa162fb478767fbfd7d31a8b06363.jpg0625171225.jpg.b4346dd1021644e24869da2738ce3ddc.jpg2017070895184641.jpg.59519d21b3ae0090fd50f26962622df4.jpgIMG_0235.JPG.a86e4d1b17ad3e4b6ff36bf60162ba87.JPGIMG_0237.JPG.839e4c38924cbc504c11ecea99911d1a.JPG5974c5183a863_IMG_02761(1).jpg.12f393638db6c9557fa34371af3a5b0c.jpgIMG_04541.jpg.e0daa162fb478767fbfd7d31a8b06363.jpg0707171756.jpg.62db12f325e424c3d33978f7d9917672.jpg5974c5183a863_IMG_02761(1).jpg.12f393638db6c9557fa34371af3a5b0c.jpgIMG_0235.JPG.a86e4d1b17ad3e4b6ff36bf60162ba87.JPGIMG_0237.JPG.839e4c38924cbc504c11ecea99911d1a.JPG2017070895184641.jpg.59519d21b3ae0090fd50f26962622df4.jpgDiesel Mechanic for 40 years, still wrenching, always had a Garden Tractor Fascination, in my days had a Old 72 Sears Suburban , Super garden tractor ( i wont say the name Men ;-) ) My Oldest son has the 310-8, he needed it where he lives. I'm 57, a worn 57, Tall, they'd call me Slim in Army, but that was over 30 years ago. Single so i have Money and engines in my kitchen with a few tires & tools hahah, just in case i wake & its to cold to go out to the shop LOL, Thats My Oldest on his Horse, he's Hooked0502171954.jpg.97e4ddd8fb431743a32b609278cab863.jpg He has a total of 7 tractors now, Need more ;-)