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  1. The 81 d160

    Looks like my 12 foot work bench
  2. Which horse is your favorite

    My Son Farmer Alex gave me News Today, he gets Deployed in April 2018 to Africa, I'm not too happy with Govt choice of places with the Plague going on, He said he hopes he can make the Big Show. I feel as if i swallowed a orange, Not having a good day now, Sorry Guys
  3. Engine needed for 1 0375 WH

    No i pulled it off line, gave a intruder my address, they trashed it, My neighbor witnessed it & called police, cost me plenty of cash, still adding parts
  4. Engine needed for 1 0375 WH

    You should buy my 416-8
  5. Whats your Winter Project

    My Mechanic said im Full of Shhhhhhhhhhhh LOL, the older i get the worse, sip water & its the end of the world for him LOL
  6. Whats your Winter Project

    But Before the Shed's, this Saturday the K321 tear down begins, waiting on a Hone to just dress up the cylinder, then the Dodge gets new front Bearings, i hope the Hubs are ok ? Or back to parts store, then over to Farmer Alex's to reinstall Gas tank which i Soldered today & turned out good, checked for leaks, Then he will be happy again, then hopefully i get a Email from AZ tractors & down i go for some D parts, I better take his Woman something, them red eye's & growling tend's to make me fill up the ole bladder & waste my depends
  7. Whats your Winter Project

    I'm traveling around building Big Red Sheds by Fred
  8. Whats your Winter Project

    OKayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jimbo, where do you want the 20 x 32 shed
  9. Whats your Winter Project

    I missed 1 in June this year, Mint for 400, ok where's that bull rope, taking a swing in the Pines tonite ! ;-(
  10. Happy Birthday Bob Ellison

    Happy B Day Bob ! I send a Pic of the Ole Woman in her Jammies but i gave that to @roadapples a few weeks ago !
  11. Wheel Horse D-Series Higher Rear Wheel?

    He was Depressed to see tank dripping, i reassured him it will turn out Better then it was, when he was starting out driving , i got him a job at a Local Deere shop picking up & delivering all makes of tractors, he Fell for the horses, My Older Brother has 2 of them, My son picked them up to be serviced to, Just a better machine
  12. Wheel Horse D-Series Higher Rear Wheel?

    I Like them Ag's, soon after i'm done tinkering on my sons D200, the 1054 next, then he has a Eaton 1100 im installing in his 516H Plus more Modifications on other Tractors he has
  13. 416-8 has been neglected

    That's worth every day & waking up to ! Fantastic Ride ! Yes no funny Comments Jim LOL, i'll behave till Big Show
  14. Wheel Horse D-200 fuel tank

    I may take you up on that, my son's tank has a leak, 1st i'll brazse it Thrusday, if not the you will get my number, we have a OEM set of mufflers tho, Fred
  15. Which horse is your favorite

    The tank on D just had a Blo out , i came home with it, gonna Braze it Thrusday, if not, ill have one made at a race shop by my shop